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What is a Godless Mother?




One problem that some Geeky families have that not everyone has is that they tend to believe in Science. Of course some also are religious and if this is you, you may not want to continue reading. Your geektastic I am sure but alas, there is a lot of support out in the world for your beliefs, not so much for Atheist beliefs. This post is for the non-believers!

Post Written By Geeky Mom (as Geeky Dad doesn’t use labels and is more universal in philosophy from my perspective!) 

So having a teenager I am oh so well aware of human nature, and our tendency to become sheeple…. following along with what those around us are doing, specially if we like them. We see it all the time don’t we? Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, and suddenly boy is listening to her music and going to her church, and just about doing back flips! I say “boy” here because my teenager is a girl and I just can’t accept my own special snowflake might just do that some day. It is though a concern. I have seen her fall into the pattern with friends, adapting to what they like and all of a sudden she changes right before my eyes. Thankfully it has all be harmless enough and thankfully she is rather solid in who she is but the day might come where she falls down that rabbits hole and truly losses sense with reality. I would freak if she become say a climate denier!

I though know that I will not always be here for all my children, death will come and I highly doubt I will be able to haunt them and given them words of wisdom. So what I need to a Godless Mother, or Father! Really I am open to both genders. Of course being a Geek would be a plus. I need someone who can help guide my children in the ways of science and reality if I can’t be there to do it. (or if I need back up?)


  1. Welcome to blogging! I never knew about limiting Netflix (although I have more of a problem limiting x-Box and iPhones). Love the profiles of the family. Especially the wee one!