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The Burning Times : on Vaccination (part 5)


The answer is absolutely not to abolish all things criticized previously, for the opposite of an extreme is also an extreme and extremes wander ever away from truth. Rather, temperance is the best course for correction. Life flourishes where edges meet, intellectual and material center points. Stark opposition brings the illusion of balance to the untrained eye: a one-for-one representation. However the equal presence of opposites alone does not promote life, it merely creates voltage; the more stark the extremes, the greater the contrast, the greater the tension. Providence arises when opposite perspectives are adopted for the sake of more thorough intelligence, but the Center is what all “sides” are committed to defending… the very opposite of divide and conquer. It does no good to suggest that capitalism on the whole is wrong, for no one can be blamed for seeking meaning, amenity, and resource for oneself and one’s beloved… the error lies in extreme application, and ruthless method. The failure is not merely moral either… simple strategy seeks achievement of the immediate objective (personal gain), grand strategy considers the post-conflict impact of methods used and the environment in which success is expected to persist … method that undermines the endurance of success is not worth the victory it brings. Interestingly, an honest assessment of post-conflict success endurance always takes on a social consideration and ambition-moderation flavor. Militant success can only serve to open time and space for civil success; a lack of planning for the latter is a guarantee of failure. Capitalists who voluntarily temper own earnings in comparison to their employees, who give back to community and environment, whose honest purpose is to serve rather than to amass; these are a boon to any society … it is the ruthless who must be given no quarter. The same can be said of all positions of power such as political office holders.

All conflicts start and end in the mind and are most always won before the first arrow is loosed. A number of forces are at play in our culture that need readdressing in order to bring the wolf to his knees. There is a sadly pervasive assumption that one cannot possibly understand things outside the scope of his own profession. Not only does this limit people’s ambition to seek the breadth of knowledge that clears the battlefield of fog, it foments false animosity amongst those enveloped in it, especially towards those who jump the curb or climb the pole to get a better view. This is further perpetuated by the stove-piped reverence of “expertise”. While there is something significant to be said for the weight of experience, and one should certainly not fail to consider the counsel of the battle-tested, we go wrong when we allow a respectful consult of those with experience to turn into a poisoning of self-esteem; the idolatry of expertise leads to a natural doubtfulness in one’s own ability to develop such skills. Fortunately in this age, the damaging effects of this influence are slowly  being eroded by the wealth of internet tutorial demonstrations of skill. The point however expounds the urgency with which internet communications must remain open, lest they fall to the predatory division and conquering actions of those who would leverage policy to their own benefit; for all order is predicated upon a strength and consistency of communication.

In truth, all knowledge is an artifice of language… if you can learn a language you can learn a paradigm; and what many I suspect would find surprising is that when you take an honest approach, study widely and deeply, and will to challenge all assumptions, one sees that the basic structure of all knowledge is fairly resonant … you can study particles and gain insight into people, and vice verse. Humility is a lost and critical art. People try so hard to be right instead of trying to be honest; we are entrenched in the notion that all resource (including basic life sustainment) flows according to credit rather than need. Flexibility in posture is the key to maintaining logical viability just as it is to maintaining physical viability on the battlefield; many wars have turned on obstinacy. In the end, “Evil contains the seed of its own destruction.” Logically put, the organization that depends upon falsehood for continued existence must constantly exert force to persist. In time energy is expended, reach is overstretched, strength is drained, and the order becomes unsustainable. In the face of such capital exploitation, the fastest way to defeat the wolf and sustain as few casualties as possible is to remain calm, use one’s own eyes, develop self-sustainability where possible (there is no sharper evidence of an industry’s desperation for input than its appeal to forbid people from doing things themselves), and work to stop feeding the beast… develop the ears to hear.

“Nullius in Verba”, motto of The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge

Roughly translated : “Don’t take anyone’s word for it” … or “See for yourself.”

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