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The Burning Times : on Vaccination (part 2)


To my knowledge all medical practice today, to include studies of all sorts, are based upon an out-dated model of the physical world. Most scientific disciplines are hamstrung in practicable accuracy by the adoption of conventions of convenience. For example, we say that pi=3.14 …. which is not true. Yet the longer we drag out the equation, the further we get from accomplishing our end-state. In fact, by some peoples’ belief that pi is never ending, calculating pi to its end would lock us up functionally forever. There is benefit to this approximation in getting objectives accomplished, but it is still technically an art of rounding and a fundamental truth of judgment is that you cannot assess how what you don’t know (because you didn’t look or otherwise) affects the accuracy of what you think you know, this truth is the nature of FATE. The habitual exercise of practitioners disposes them to becoming very good at what they do … and simultaneously inherently resistant to new interpretation, even to the extent that they become unable to comprehend how their skill, however honed, just doesn’t apply anymore, or reap the consequences that the previous generations’ conventions of convenience and low-resolution assessment of consequence data have led them to believe. If there is some school of medicine that teaches students about quantum mechanics, and discusses the discovery that cells appear designed to exploit quantum communications pathways as well as the (what would be extraordinarily wide-ranging) implications of how the body ACTUALLY works based on the new concept, I would love to know about it and would happily adjust my assessment.


Prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is demonstrable in math as well as strategy. It is much better to avoid a direct assault on fortified defenses… the odds are not in your favor. Consider how much investment is made by commerce in the marketing industry. It is much easier to play on peoples’ psychology and convince them that they need something that they don’t than to try to just force them to buy. Yes, marketing is expensive, but less so than extinction. Studies in personal influence constantly indicate that convincing the boss to enact your will is far more effectively achieved by getting him to believe it was his own idea. Conversely, no evidence in the world will turn the mind of someone set against it, no matter how true. In fact the whole social dialog is spoiled as an effective battlefield when all anybody does is cast evidence into an arena, the approach is far too direct and doomed to failure by all who try it. Ironically, though the opening saying seems to spring from the profession of health, the premise of vaccination acts completely contrary. The parts of the body responsible for preventing disease in the first place are bypassed completely and the illness is then left to ravage the ill-prepared internal structure of the body … hey, let’s train the forces by dropping paratroopers into the undefended headquarters… wait. Far better to engage in practices that actually strengthen the body’s natural defenses which have been developing for about 200,000 years longer than our human comprehension. I am humble enough to admit that I do not “know” if it works or not, but experienced and studied enough to quickly identify that the underlying premise is massively shaky… which is not helped by the fact that since time’s dawn there has never been a socially or environmentally conscientious capitalist… he wants “his” … not “ours”… and will hide behind all manner of shield of indignation to avoid critics (such as an appeal to “rights”). The idea of weakening the agent so that the body has a “fighting” chance is also fallacious … the body’s fighting chance has been entirely bypassed and the only thing left is for the body to endure. Further, only a fool believes that simple retardants are discriminatory. Preservatives retard biological activity … this does not stop just because it happens to be inside a body… nor does the action of supposed virus-crippling additives; their effects may be somewhat minimized depending on local chemical conditions, but mitigation itself requires a redirection and expenditure of resources that would otherwise have been used to enrich or energize the body structure.

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