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The Battle to Limit Data Use With Kids! – Part 1

 The Data War

Geeky Mommy Speaking First

The comcast gods being ever so greedy have decreed that we may only use 300GB a month of data before they start charging us an arm and a leg. Of course they have no plan offered that is larger for a geeky family of 6 who use about a terabyte a month of Data. Before you go judging us though, remember have geek needs and we do homeschool our children online! So what are we to do in this data war? It feels like we are being punished twice… once for being a large family and again for being geeks! We can’t switch service providers given where we live. We must cut back and so the first choice is of course the streaming videos. I admit, I might be one of the worst offenders. I work online and I love listening to shows in the background and I devour documentary shows about just about everything.

I will try to do better!

The next biggest data eater we think is our 4 year old. She loves the 2 kindle fires we have and the iPad. She watches a lot of kid shows and will often leave one kindle playing a show to go off and play a game on another one. (Lets not point fingers at any one adult who may demonstrate the inability to do just one task at a time….)

So what can be done? First, what program are they using to stream the most? For us, we believe it is netflix!



 How to limit netflix data usage!

  Geeky Daddy Speaking now

Do this for each Netflix account for which you intend to inflict … shrinkage.  (Yes we have two accounts, we are moving the kids to their very own!)

Step 1: Log into Netflix

Step 2: For each profile you have defined in the account:

In the upper-right there is a drop-down carrot, select a profile whose data you wish to restrict

Step 3: Click the carrot again and select “Your Account”. Yes, Netflix keeps different account settings per profile

Step 4: Under the “Profile” section, click the “Playback Settings” link

Step 5: Select your chosen level of shrinkage. Here’s my personal criteria for the screen-sucking media devourers:

Auto=Helllllls No, we can’t be letting either the children or the box make decisions like this on their own!

Low (Basic Video)=Bingo, at .3 (that’s 1/3) GB/Hr

Med (Standard)=Maybe someday, if we end up saving enough to keep the lights on. This one is .7 (1/7) GB/Hr

High (HD)=Only if you’re very very good. Once. Maybe. HD (and Ultra HD … what … is … that?!) take up to 3 GB/Hr (that’s 3/1) and 7! GB/Hr respectively; a quick calculation 7GB/Hr * 24 Hrs/Day * 30 Days/Month = something like a bajillion GB of data or roughly seven and one half sacrificed souls per month.

Step 6: (For the extra mean), uncheck the “Play Next Episode Automatically” box; make them earn that next episode by actually clicking on it!

Step 7: Click save, move on to the next profile until each profile is satisfactorily shrunken, and attack other accounts you may have … you endless digital media vortex you.

Step 8: Sit back, enjoy a few vampires, a zombie or two, and compare next month’s internet bill to your most recent ISP-inflicted punch in the gut.

Good luck, and may the bits be ever in your favor! And bacon.

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  1. I have the same issues with my family. I will for sure be taking a look at Netflix tomorrow. Working on my husband not using so much either, when we drive anywhere more then thirty minutes and he wants to use his tablet he wants to use my tethering hotspot through my phone. I have told him and our daughter so many times no way they need to wait till we get home. Easier said then done. Thanks for sharing this information though.