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Scam Alert: Don’t Pay With Amazon Gift Cards!



A scam works because people aren’t aware of them. This post is to help get the word out about the new scam a friend stumbled on a few weeks ago. My friend Deborah was trying to buy a Virtual Reality system for her son that was normally $700 but a 3rd party seller had the unit on sale for $500. She tried to buy it but the purchase was deleted by Amazon as “out of stock” shortly after the 3rd company contacted my friend and told her that due to people using credit cards and reversing the charges, commiting fruad, and Amazon not fixing the situation, that the 3rd party now only accepted Amazon Gift Cards as payment and sent her instructions on how and where to purchase the cards and how to get the 3rd party the card infomation to pay for the purchase.

Something didn’t seem right to Deboroh so she went to our little blogging group and asked if anyone had ever done this. Right away I went to google to search Amazon Gift Card Scam, and I didn’t find anything just like this situation though I was sure I would. I found some things a bit like it though and I sent her link and advised her to trust her gut, don’t do it. Others added their voices too, no one would do it. She knew that would be the response and did not continue comunicating with the company.

I finally saw an article about this issue and it is a much bigger problem than I thought.

The new scam Amazon won’t warn you about

You see I assumed that is Amazon was used in a scam that they would try to make it right somehow. I was wrong. By the reports in that article above, this is happening on their site and they are not doing anything beyond telling customers to simply call the police. For all that is worth. They even stop responding to victims and allowing those sellers to keep posting products to scam others. You can see the screen shots on that site.

Please, never pay for a product using Amazon Gift Cards. You will have no recourse if you get scammed!


Lastly, do you think that Amazon has gotten so big now that they just no longer care about customers? With the growing issues I have had with them personally I am getting that feeling! 


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