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Risks of Binge Watching Season 4 Orange Is The New Black




Like many crazy fans of Orange Is the New Black I planned on Binge watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix Friday July 17th. I invited another Mommy friend over, got snacks for us and snacks for the kids. We set the kids up to watch all 4 Ice Age movies too! With 7 kids running around this was an important move and for the most part it worked, the kids watched and took play breaks and over all it was a great day for them!

For us though….


   The curse of unhealthy snacks when Binge Watching TV

First, when one plans to binge watch a show it is common they set themselves up with the worst unhealthy snacks. Goodness did I do this, from strawberry cheese cake, cheese puffs (because they are orange of course!), and many other things including Dr Pepper! Killing a diet is certainly a risk of Binge watching any show! Do better than I did. Ok, so it was fun! :)

     Plan for emotional ups and downs!

Second risk: Suddenly feeling sick…. so you put all this food into yourself and suddenly something gross and disturbing happens in the show. This happened a few times this season, specially at the end. You have been warned!

       You know your heart will break over Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Third issue is the roller coaster effect! Sure you are excited to watch and you love the characters and it is exciting to see new back stories. The ups and downs though, and trust me, so many dark dark downs in this season. Unlike other shows when you have a week to digest the story line when you marathon #OITNB you don’t have time to digest. It is very quickly overwhelming. While I have binged other seasons and other shows this one hit very hard and made me dizzy. Take breaks! Force yourself to do some other things. I didn’t and I wish I had. If your reading this on July 18th and have already Binged then chances are you know what I am talking about!

        All the Feels!

The forth issue is show shock! After your done watching the season you will be left with so many emotions. This was specially unhelpful when I was trying to sleep. I should have ended my night on say Episode 10 and picked up the next day. I didn’t though… By the time I finished about 2am I found I couldn’t sleep and little helped. I was up till 6am! Plan for some detox from the emotional mess you will be in! Maybe some Disney or a good walk or some Target shopping! Course some things are harder to plan for if you finish the season in the middle of the night. Oh the torture I tell you! Have tissues!


Lastly, resist the urge to spill your guts all over social media. No one likes spoilers on shows they haven’t seen yet. It will be very hard to do considering the ending of this season! It was hard not sharing spoilers in this review!


  Review of Orange Is The New Black without spoilers!

This season is fantastic! I think there were some slow spots but it could be a side effect of Binge watching. I hope to watch it all again slowly in a few weeks. I love that the season wasn’t just focused around 2 characters but really brought out the reality of bad situations people get themselves into and what brings them into the prison system. I think it high lights a lot of our current prison system failures as a society. It does focus a lot on race issues. I think as a military wife I was rather dismayed at the portrayal of Veterans. When you get to the “good guy” speech I think you might understand where I am coming from. Over all, it was powerful, thought provoking and I loved it. I think in part it might have been even better if I hadn’t been so good at Binge watching it as it would have allowed more time to think between episodes. It crushed me, but I loved it.

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It should be noted that the song at the end of season 4 episode 1 was fantastic and the best of them all I think and really made me laugh! As with this whole show, make sure kids are not in the room! 


  1. This was a great read.

    I should point out one thing:
    “Lastly, resist the urge to spill your guts all over social media. No one likes spoilers on shows they haven’t seen yet.”

    Well, I didn’t resist on Facebook.
    I didn’t even try. HAHAHAHA
    What I did do was try really hard to get that ONE good screenshot and then posted it as a comment….saying absolutely nothing about what was happening or what had happened.
    Just one simple screenshot.

    I DID resist the urge to make it my cover photo, on Facebook.
    Yay ME! LOL

    • With all the FEELS from this season it is hard not to share them! I think in a few weeks a cover photo would be so cool!