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Review: Geek Squad Live Chat Lacks Geek Super Powers

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While we are a little Geeky, our family is not at all little. Geek Dad and I both have laptops, 3 of our kids each have laptops, we have a spare, and we have 2 desk tops. Along with an iPad and 2 Kindles. Things around here with 4 kids break all the time. We don’t need help with software, but we do get the accidental damage on everything because we have 4 minions! There is not a month that goes by these days when something isn’t being taken in for repair. Laptops get kicked off bunk beds when little ones fall asleep with them. The iPad gets stepped on. A laptop gets baptized with milk and goldfish crumbs. You name it, it happens here! So another laptop bit the dust last month and it has been an adventure just getting an update on it’s repair. The cool little tracking number that normally tells us to be patient worked the first week but as the due date for it to be shipped back to us fixed came closer it suddenly stopped working with no real explanation from the company. So it has been a week since the last time I talked to anyone about it, time to settle in and deal with those who make geeks look bad! Dun Dun Dun…. que scary music here!

Geek Squad Live Chat

Kimberly [11:14 PM] :
I need an update on a repair please. It does not come up on your site for me anymore.
Kimberly [11:14 PM] :
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  <—– service repair number
Agent Brandon J [11:15 PM] :
Was it for an item that’s been shipped off for repair?
Kimberly [11:15 PM] :
Yes a few weeks ago
Kimberly [11:15 PM] :
On the 21st of last month

    Yes, it was sent out almost 3 weeks ago!

Agent Brandon J [11:17 PM] :
Unfortunately for details on any devices shipped for repair you’ll need to contact our general service line at 1-800-433-5778 to inquire about the status of those items. We’re mostly PC tech support here in chat so I won’t be able to pull up in depth information on it for you.
Kimberly [11:19 PM] :
Really? The last agent I talked to a week ago this way must have had super powers.
Kimberly [11:19 PM] :
What are the hours of the 1800?
Agent Brandon J [11:20 PM] :
It’s 24/7 just like the chat services.
Kimberly [11:20 PM] :
I am sorry to read your super powers are lacking. Please go to super hero school. Geek school has clearly failed you! May the force be with you!
Kimberly [11:21 PM] :
Or rather, with me, as you guys take forever these days with repairs!
Agent Brandon J [11:23 PM] :

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to assist you further with this situation at this time. We’ve had some system updates this week that’s truncated a bit of our database access while they’re being fully upgraded. But I’ll definitely be sure to brush up on my courses and be able to help you fully next time. Is there anything else I can assist with at the moment?
    Sigh, I guess I better call.   :(
  Ring Ring
  Please reply with one of the following so we can direct your call. Say Computers, TVs, ect….
  Me: Computers
  Mr. Voice: I am sorry I didn’t get that please say Computers or TVs or..
 Me: Computers
Mr. Voice:  I am sorry I didn’t get that please say Computers or TVs or..
Me: Taking a big breath and trying not to cuss. COMPUTERS
Mr. Voice:  I am sorry I didn’t get that please hold while I transfer you.
  Nice lady then asks how she can help, I mention I need to check on the status of a repair.
 Another automated voice.
 Thank You for calling Geek Squad repair, current wait time is 18 minutes.

 18 Minutes




Lucky me! It was only 15 minutes. Nice lady basically told me nothing has been done with the laptop since they ordered parts for it on the 23rd of last month and that she can do nothing and that I need to call the store I turned it into tomorrow morning.






So I am pleading with the Geek gods here. If anyone knows of a better protections plan for tech please let me know at


Update: Finally got the computer back after a few more calls. It seems like for three weeks they did nothing… alas, got it back on the 20th of June. Good job with it though!

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  1. Well that does blow :( . I hope they get it fixed soon if not maybe try to find someone else like a small business repair shop?