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Pokemon Go Crazy! Don’t forget these 5 things!


If you haven’t been living under a rock then chances are you know that Pokemon GO came out a few short days ago! Already the craziness has set in with news of car crashes because of people playing Pokemon Go and driving, people getting fired, and even a girl who found a dead body while hunting for water Pokemon! For all the bad though, there is a great deal of good and fun to be had. Just for the love of Pikachu, be the brilliant geek you are and don’t forget these 5 things ok!

This list was put together with all the little geekling kids in the house on our adventures so far! Your mileage may vary.

Bring a friend who isn’t playing Pokemon to walk with you!

The fact is you will be distracted and not able to pay attention to everything around you. Having another set of eyes can be really helpful, be it a parent or sibling or friend. Just someone who can help look out for you while you are looking out for little monsters! Our not so little family has been roaming the town as a pack and looking out for our cell phone mesmerized trainers. You can take turns!

Your Pokemon Go Adventure Needs a Backpack for supplies! 

Trust us, things happens and suddenly you can’t find anything you need. Bring a back pack and pack it with supplies! What supplies you ask? That is what the rest of our list is about! You can find this one on Amazon!


Bring WATER on your Pokemon Go walk!

Even if you think you will just be gone a short while, bring it anyway. Here in Georgia we are hitting 110 heat index and going through a lot of water! This is so important!


Bring Snacks on your Pokemon Go Adventure!

Walking makes you hungry! This one is obvious too and yet we have found ourselves having to go shopping or return home from walking and that takes time away from hunting Pokemon! Plus, if you meet other Trainers what better way to bond then to offer then something yummy!


Get a Battery Bank Back Up for your Pokemon Go adventure, because your cell phone might really die!

Our 16 year old was quick to think of this needed item when she learned how quick her battery died while playing. This is a known issue for many and for now the best solution we have is to bring a battery back up. They are not costly and easy to get! We get ours for cheap on Amazon. This isn’t just a game consideration but a safety one! They work with all kinds of phones, just plug your normal UBS cable into it and now you have a lot more power for your cell phone when it runs low! Cheep on Amazon too!



Funny Happenings in the Pokemon Go World!





Funny Pokemon Go



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