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June 5, 2014
by LittleGeeky

The Burning Times : on Vaccination (part 3)


Often the sell is that those who do not vaccinate increase the risk to the collective. The only premise by which this makes any sense at all is an appeal to the effect of massing: a population that makes for a fertile breeding ground becomes a vector of approach for the disease. However history shows that vaccination does not keep you from contracting the disease, is not life-long as it was originally conceived to be (how convenient for the profiteer), is likely to have side effects which we often fumble clumsily trying to check and cause additional problems, is administered within an operating paradigm that cannot rightfully be claimed to be close to complete and is founded on a formation of chemistry that is horrifically out-dated … and to a precarious extent that convenience fails to shield it in justness from the consequences of its possible inaccuracy.

However, this is all circumstantial observation. The real blow to the argument is that it is completely inconsistent. If biomassing was of sufficient concern to the industry that it should amount to a just assault on citizens liberty then hospitals would only be an emergency room, and the majority of other treatment … especially of those most “contagious” would be managed as far from others as possible, including others with the same affliction. Despite the incredible sanitation efforts of hospitals (which because we live in a biocompetitive world has ultimately led to the survival and development of harder-to-kill organisms), nothing diffuses the propagation of influence nearly as well as distance. Understanding that such an organization would suffer from greater costs and communications complexity, our choice to consolidate to save expense rather than disperse to increase effectiveness is a further reflection of our promotion of profit over morality, and even over actual effectiveness… and again the capitalist profits from the functional conflict … he’s paid for the service rendered at the facility while virtually ensuring that those who gather there will in one form or another perpetuate the perception of its need or that of collateral services: there is no focal profit in cure.


A concept at odds with itself when we allow ourselves to be drawn into the “needs of the many” argument. In Star Trek, the notion is one of sacrifice and is noble in being voluntary. What people fail to realize is that sacrifice immediately looses any meaning when it is expected or forced in any way (consider the Soldier who is hailed by a Congress when in Service, disregarded as self-invited of his consequential injuries, and then abandoned when separated), be it by compulsion or by scorn. There are no acceptible losses. Period. It is unavoidable that everything will fail, in some time and some way. We must understand that when undertaking a course of action, some will be harmed. However this does not make it acceptible. What we do when we appeal to this curtailing of conscience is abandon responsibility for it, and therefor impetus to continue looking for alternative perspectives or approaches. This is, at times, a temporarily forgivable lapse by a fatigued citizenry, but an insidious and unforgivable condition to be fomented and exploited by those whose activities habitually consume the general well being in favor of their own.

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June 5, 2014
by BookGoddess
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Firefly Fan Geeks



Geeky Mommy Writing:


When you share an amazing heart spilling over comic like this one on your facebook page and someone says they don’t get it, it is like being stabbed in the heart. This, this, this! This is part of the reason Firefly failed! The network didn’t promote it and they aired it all out of order and they didn’t give it a chance!

Firefly Fans

If you hadn’t guessed, my husband and I are big firefly fans! Not only are our two dogs (with smallish droppings) named Simon and Kaylee, we even named one of our children Zoey.

I think the name Zoey was my husbands petty attempt to get at least one of his crew to take orders! LOL It by the way didn’t work. We would have been better going with River, on her violent days, with no safe word. How did we end up with a kid that hits so much when we don’t even spank. (We are geeks, we do the research, it isn’t advised people!) Geeky Dad reminds me that chances are this is just a phase she is in and will grow out of it. I need said reminder often!


(A Sleepy Geekling playing with Dads Hat!)

I don’t think our younger children are yet ready for the Shiny understanding of Firefly but our oldest daughter knows it when she sees it! (heart swoon)

If it wasn’t for my Fibro, a painful chronic condition, I would have a firefly tattoo because truly the joy from that show adds to our lives. Firefly the show is a bit like great mythology I think! Entertaining and sometimes deep with some amazing characters!

May 3, 2014
by LittleGeeky
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“You’ve never heard of the Millennium Falcon?”

“She’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.” – Han Solo, Pilot of the Millennium Falcon.

Behold! A Geeky Toy for a Geeky Dad!

This totally awesome shiny spaceship was built, filmed, and posted by Geeky Dad.


Once upon a time, in a cute little novelty toy store not so far away …

I ran across this totally awesome, shiny model kit of the Millennium Falcon. When I was but a wee Padawan, I used to enjoy making models … sort of. My bedroom window was bedazzled with a handful of plastic constructs lovingly put together in a somewhat haphazard manner, and not a sticker or speck of paint to be seen. A gray aircraft carrier here, a naked stealth bomber up there … some kind of yellow Russian helicopter off to the side. All ghosts of an interest I tried to nurture but lacked the patience for. After all, Legos were so much more dynamic, quick to build, and satisfying to smash.

Now I find myself, a mere two decades later, again enjoying modelling; and this time I can call it done after the building is complete (insert fist-waving Wookie cheer). This here beauty is brought to us by a company called Fascinations and it’s from their Metal Earth line. They have a fairly large variety of models ranging from real and imaginary spaceships, to vehicles, to buildings and bridges. They even have a golden colored Golden Gate bridge. The Millennium Falcon comes in a small thin package containing two light metal sheets. All the pieces were stamped into the sheets and easily removable. The parts are joined in a tab A into slot B fashion… a good pair of tweezers definitely helped here.

These little gems are now all over my Pinterest like Ewoks on Stormtroopers.

Beyond Metal Earth, Fascinations also has an interesting collection of fun and educational toys, gifts, trinkets, and fixtures such as hovering lamps and artificial jellyfish aquariums. The company’s website is linked below. Search your feelings, strap in, engage hyperdrive, and check em’ out. Punch it Chewy!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Metal Earth Millennium Falcon.


April 5, 2014
by LittleGeeky
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Why you should play Minecraft with your Geeky Kids




These are 3 of our 4 geeky kids!

Ok, so thats not them!

It could be them!

You see 3 of our 4 children currently play Minecraft. Yes, they are homeschooled because we just that big of geeks that we love learning and love sharing that with the little geeklings. The other reason could be that we are a military family and move a decillion times and their education we believe would be in tatters! Don’t worry about their socialization, if your a real geek too you will know better than to believe such homeschooling myths. Your better than that right?

So your children play Minecraft, possibly a lot, and maybe you don’t play it with them. I am here to tell you that as a parent, you should. I am not saying play all the time because no adult who does anything at all can keep up with how much most little geeks play. You should though at least try.

I know, I know, the graphics are terrible, they almost make Atri look epic. (Don’t argue with me on this!) The first two times I looked at the game I was turned off by the graphics. I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would be playing such a game when there are games like Never Winter. I however was wrong (and I am girl enough to admit it too!)

We bought an account for my husband and our at the time 7 year old son, and before I knew it they loved it, and then we had to get an account for our teen daughter, and our then 5 year old daughter and of course I joined in too. Why? Because they are only young so long and what they enjoy I want to try and understand better and support.

So that is reason #1, play to understand your child’s interest and #2, please to support their interests! 

Reason #3 is because playing together is family time and strong family bonds are known to promote independence in adulthood! (source study University of Haifa)

Reason #4 is that you will learn from your child, this aids in building confidence.

Reason #5 is that it can be a lot of fun! Or least funny! The above image is of the house the 8 and 6 year olds built together. It even has a mailbox! They put up a fence around it but didn’t light things up enough so when I want walking by I got to giggle at 3 little zombies trying to break into their house! It reminded me of them. I knew soon as my 6 year old daughter would see them that she would try something or other to keep them as pets…. Yes, she tries everything she can to make monsters into pets and it is some how adorable, though also some times deadly.

These are just a few of the reasons to get down to learning how to play minecraft with your kids. More to come!

I hope you enjoy this new little blog as our family shares our little geeky side with the web!

November 4, 2013
by LittleGeeky
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Hello world! From a not so Little Geeky Family!



This little geeky blog was started in the middle of the night like so many great things by two geek parents thinking about our 4 little geeky kids. Of course we are all a little geeky in different ways and some more than others but geek is definitely a word people think of when they think of our not so little family of 6.