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September 23, 2014
by Geeky Daddy
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The Battle to Limit Data Use With Kids! – Part 1

 The Data War

Geeky Mommy Speaking First

The comcast gods being ever so greedy have decreed that we may only use 300GB a month of data before they start charging us an arm and a leg. Of course they have no plan offered that is larger for a geeky family of 6 who use about a terabyte a month of Data. Before you go judging us though, remember have geek needs and we do homeschool our children online! So what are we to do in this data war? It feels like we are being punished twice… once for being a large family and again for being geeks! We can’t switch service providers given where we live. We must cut back and so the first choice is of course the streaming videos. I admit, I might be one of the worst offenders. I work online and I love listening to shows in the background and I devour documentary shows about just about everything.

I will try to do better!

The next biggest data eater we think is our 4 year old. She loves the 2 kindle fires we have and the iPad. She watches a lot of kid shows and will often leave one kindle playing a show to go off and play a game on another one. (Lets not point fingers at any one adult who may demonstrate the inability to do just one task at a time….)

So what can be done? First, what program are they using to stream the most? For us, we believe it is netflix!



 How to limit netflix data usage!

  Geeky Daddy Speaking now

Do this for each Netflix account for which you intend to inflict … shrinkage.  (Yes we have two accounts, we are moving the kids to their very own!)

Step 1: Log into Netflix

Step 2: For each profile you have defined in the account:

In the upper-right there is a drop-down carrot, select a profile whose data you wish to restrict

Step 3: Click the carrot again and select “Your Account”. Yes, Netflix keeps different account settings per profile

Step 4: Under the “Profile” section, click the “Playback Settings” link

Step 5: Select your chosen level of shrinkage. Here’s my personal criteria for the screen-sucking media devourers:

Auto=Helllllls No, we can’t be letting either the children or the box make decisions like this on their own!

Low (Basic Video)=Bingo, at .3 (that’s 1/3) GB/Hr

Med (Standard)=Maybe someday, if we end up saving enough to keep the lights on. This one is .7 (1/7) GB/Hr

High (HD)=Only if you’re very very good. Once. Maybe. HD (and Ultra HD … what … is … that?!) take up to 3 GB/Hr (that’s 3/1) and 7! GB/Hr respectively; a quick calculation 7GB/Hr * 24 Hrs/Day * 30 Days/Month = something like a bajillion GB of data or roughly seven and one half sacrificed souls per month.

Step 6: (For the extra mean), uncheck the “Play Next Episode Automatically” box; make them earn that next episode by actually clicking on it!

Step 7: Click save, move on to the next profile until each profile is satisfactorily shrunken, and attack other accounts you may have … you endless digital media vortex you.

Step 8: Sit back, enjoy a few vampires, a zombie or two, and compare next month’s internet bill to your most recent ISP-inflicted punch in the gut.

Good luck, and may the bits be ever in your favor! And bacon.

September 22, 2014
by Geeky Daddy
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Who is you ask?


A little Geeky is a new blog with the mission of helping other geeky parents not feel so alone! Lets face it, we are a bit weird and our kids tend to be way cooler than we are! Even if we are blessed with little geeklings, there is a world of issues that can come up. Like how do you deal with having 6 gamers and the new Wii U MarioKart 8 only plays 4 at a time? Do your kids get all the new tech making you appear to be some consumerist prick with no sense of social responsibility? (Leave it to friends to come up with smart ass judgements just because their special snowflakes have never seen a TV in their own house!) So as you can see, we face some interesting challenges. We though do not have to face them alone. Let us use the force for good and a little bit of smartassery as well!


Who Are We?



5029_100300147108_194427_nGeeky Dad – A 30 something year old Warrant Officer in the Army. More a philosopher than a point and shoot kind of guy. He likes wars of intelligence and has found the world lacks enough super hero jobs.  (Written by Geeky Mommy!)

582071_10151730157482109_2103133891_nGeeky Mom – Books, Video Games, Board Games, Documentaries, and more than a little Doctor Who and Firefly and I am a happy girl! Ok, so very fast internet is a requirement, and I might live off dark chocolate. Very happily married all these years. Ran away with my knight and got married at 18 and started our very own gaming party soon after.

1452093_10151673883737109_185669345_nGeeky Teen — She is almost 15 and amazing. She has better fashion sense than her parents. Flinches when we call her a geek, and she likes all the best kinds of vampires. She is funny and helpful, except when she is competitive, and then she just is funny as she speeds past you!

10253812_10152032860782109_1438745908717633377_nGeekling Son — All things Minecraft! Sweet boy who is also nicknamed Mr. Handsome and Mr. Obvious. He loves to tell everyone what they already know, he strives to be helpful and it is adorable. He loves technology and is quick at learning it too. He is very grounded in reality and science and yet still tries to believe in Santa simply because he wants to believe everything his parents tell him.

10363501_10152038201047109_6161306116268374135_nGeekling Daughter — She is the mighty killer of Laptops. She is 6 and while quiet, she is like a little forest creature. Sweet and beautiful one minute and fangs and pouncing the next. She has little patience with technology that doesn’t respond as it should. We are teaching her to be gentle with things but we might have better luck with we wrap her laptop and tech in fur. She has a way with animals that is very special.

1618305_10151838625987109_453255794_oGeekling Over Lord — This is the 4 year old daughter who is as small as toadette but seems to be a spawn of godzilla. Nothing gets in her way and everyone sees and hears her coming! She started reading when she was 3 due in no part to great parenting what so ever. We blame the iPad! Keeping up with her will be an adventure! Do not let the cute fool you!

September 22, 2014
by Geeky Daddy
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The Writ of Verity

It is by experience, imagined or perceived, that we are capable of recognition; for recognition is the experience of resonance, a mirroring of something without and something within.


Thus it is that the value of dramatic works to a society is that they move us to feel, that we may then recognize and treat with honor, integrity, and dignity; that we may show love, compassion, and acceptance; the only truly effective tools of success in a world of disparate enterprise.


For it is only in variance that a world can exist at all, as the utterly uniform threatens to spread an emptiness across the ages; a functional blanking of canvas which effectively erases the deviance that separates object from ground.


Without this ability to relate, we are weak and foolish, incapable of rising above ourselves, forever trapped by our own presumption and arrogant judgement; plagued eternally by the unquenchable self-defeating drive to declare the world around us instead of listening to its own account of being.


Further, this inability blinds us to the true nature of things, as the page is blind to subject until the pen applies deviation in the etch of creation.

August 25, 2014
by BookGoddess

What is a Godless Mother?




One problem that some Geeky families have that not everyone has is that they tend to believe in Science. Of course some also are religious and if this is you, you may not want to continue reading. Your geektastic I am sure but alas, there is a lot of support out in the world for your beliefs, not so much for Atheist beliefs. This post is for the non-believers!

Post Written By Geeky Mom (as Geeky Dad doesn’t use labels and is more universal in philosophy from my perspective!) 

So having a teenager I am oh so well aware of human nature, and our tendency to become sheeple…. following along with what those around us are doing, specially if we like them. We see it all the time don’t we? Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, and suddenly boy is listening to her music and going to her church, and just about doing back flips! I say “boy” here because my teenager is a girl and I just can’t accept my own special snowflake might just do that some day. It is though a concern. I have seen her fall into the pattern with friends, adapting to what they like and all of a sudden she changes right before my eyes. Thankfully it has all be harmless enough and thankfully she is rather solid in who she is but the day might come where she falls down that rabbits hole and truly losses sense with reality. I would freak if she become say a climate denier!

I though know that I will not always be here for all my children, death will come and I highly doubt I will be able to haunt them and given them words of wisdom. So what I need to a Godless Mother, or Father! Really I am open to both genders. Of course being a Geek would be a plus. I need someone who can help guide my children in the ways of science and reality if I can’t be there to do it. (or if I need back up?)

June 23, 2014
by BookGoddess
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If you get chickens you should get a security camera too!

Post by the GeekyMommy

   I really think this blog needs a “Geeks in the Country” page to hold all the comedy gold that I am sure there will be in this endeavor!

So the military did the thing they often do, they told us to move. We ended up in Georgia and we figured rather than live on a military post again, we might as well live out in the country and work a bit on a dream of ours, to live more sustainable.  Of course we are city geeks and know nothing about farm animals and gardening. Course that will not stop us. Being geeks with so many great creative inspirational movies and books behind, we have this idea that we are smart enough to do anything right?

So one of the things we did was get chicks! We purchased a small pre-fab coop that came in two heavy boxes and needed to be put together. That was easier than than purchasing wood and tools we thought. Why make things harder than they need to be. So we managed to raise 6 chicks to eight weeks in our garage brooder pen. Then we moved them out to the coop and we started to free-range them. That is after all the eggs we pay for, organic free-range, why not raise them like that?

Oh the things we learn the hard way!

So around 12 weeks old we accidentally didn’t close the birds up in their coop for the night.  By noon the next day, three where gone. The only signs of them where a few small piles of feathers in the yard.

Why we got a security camera for our chicken yard.

With no sure sign of what got to our chickens we of course went right to the backyardchicken forums and found some other geek chicken lovers who said we should set up a webcam. The redneck hunters suggested trail cams. Bother good options but we went with the wireless security camera as it e-mails you when something sets off it’s motion sensor. This way if something is out there by the chickens we will know within minutes and can get out there. We could go running out there with what? We don’t and won’t own guns as long as we have children in the house. So I guess I would run out there with one of my husbands samurai swords? Those are locked up so I am betting it would be me and a broom! Against what though? What took the chickens?

First let me tell you about the set up. I used a cheap wireless security camera that had great reviews from most. The bad reviews where from muggles who couldn’t figure out the networking set up. No big deal I swear it!


It is not rated for the outdoors but that didn’t stop us. We ran and extension cord, wrapped the connection with duct tape, and put the camera on a high pole with a rain umbrella over it. Yes, it looks ridiculous but it serves the purpose! Maybe we are channeling some unknown redneck heritage? As long as we do not put a sofa in the front yard I think we will be ok right?

So did it work?

It did so far!

Capture Predators on Video

Our first predator shot:


Yes, that is a neighbors big black dog around our chicken fence.

The fence was an after effect of our failed free range plan. It is the next step, a cheap, movable fence that we move around the yard with the coop and give the chickens the feel of free ranging with a bit more protection. That dog though could go right through it or over it or under it with little effort. Thankfully he just did a round about and left. No harm done. We don’t know if that dog took our birds, but we at least now have proof to show his owners if he is ever a problem. This matters as many owners who have problem dogs will try to deny it is their dogs killing others chickens.

After a few weeks with the cam we have not seen anything else, yet! I think we need another one or two around the property. We have learned that we have 3 pairs of golden eagles in the neighborhood. Black Bears, and of course the normal fox, coyotes, possums, and raccoon. It could have been anything that got our birds before and we need to keep on the look out. If we can learn what took them, we can better protect our birds in the future. We don’t have any interest in hurting anything to protect our chickens, but knowing is half the battle right?

If you get chickens I highly recommend getting security cameras as well as everything likes to eat them! You need to know what your dealing with in your neighborhood!

Next chicken post will have to be about chicken math! It takes a genius to figure it out!

June 11, 2014
by BookGoddess
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Review: Geek Squad Live Chat Lacks Geek Super Powers

 This post brought to you by Geeky Mom   
While we are a little Geeky, our family is not at all little. Geek Dad and I both have laptops, 3 of our kids each have laptops, we have a spare, and we have 2 desk tops. Along with an iPad and 2 Kindles. Things around here with 4 kids break all the time. We don’t need help with software, but we do get the accidental damage on everything because we have 4 minions! There is not a month that goes by these days when something isn’t being taken in for repair. Laptops get kicked off bunk beds when little ones fall asleep with them. The iPad gets stepped on. A laptop gets baptized with milk and goldfish crumbs. You name it, it happens here! So another laptop bit the dust last month and it has been an adventure just getting an update on it’s repair. The cool little tracking number that normally tells us to be patient worked the first week but as the due date for it to be shipped back to us fixed came closer it suddenly stopped working with no real explanation from the company. So it has been a week since the last time I talked to anyone about it, time to settle in and deal with those who make geeks look bad! Dun Dun Dun…. que scary music here!

Geek Squad Live Chat

Kimberly [11:14 PM] :
I need an update on a repair please. It does not come up on your site for me anymore.
Kimberly [11:14 PM] :
 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  <—– service repair number
Agent Brandon J [11:15 PM] :
Was it for an item that’s been shipped off for repair?
Kimberly [11:15 PM] :
Yes a few weeks ago
Kimberly [11:15 PM] :
On the 21st of last month

    Yes, it was sent out almost 3 weeks ago!

Agent Brandon J [11:17 PM] :
Unfortunately for details on any devices shipped for repair you’ll need to contact our general service line at 1-800-433-5778 to inquire about the status of those items. We’re mostly PC tech support here in chat so I won’t be able to pull up in depth information on it for you.
Kimberly [11:19 PM] :
Really? The last agent I talked to a week ago this way must have had super powers.
Kimberly [11:19 PM] :
What are the hours of the 1800?
Agent Brandon J [11:20 PM] :
It’s 24/7 just like the chat services.
Kimberly [11:20 PM] :
I am sorry to read your super powers are lacking. Please go to super hero school. Geek school has clearly failed you! May the force be with you!
Kimberly [11:21 PM] :
Or rather, with me, as you guys take forever these days with repairs!
Agent Brandon J [11:23 PM] :

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to assist you further with this situation at this time. We’ve had some system updates this week that’s truncated a bit of our database access while they’re being fully upgraded. But I’ll definitely be sure to brush up on my courses and be able to help you fully next time. Is there anything else I can assist with at the moment?
    Sigh, I guess I better call.   :(
  Ring Ring
  Please reply with one of the following so we can direct your call. Say Computers, TVs, ect….
  Me: Computers
  Mr. Voice: I am sorry I didn’t get that please say Computers or TVs or..
 Me: Computers
Mr. Voice:  I am sorry I didn’t get that please say Computers or TVs or..
Me: Taking a big breath and trying not to cuss. COMPUTERS
Mr. Voice:  I am sorry I didn’t get that please hold while I transfer you.
  Nice lady then asks how she can help, I mention I need to check on the status of a repair.
 Another automated voice.
 Thank You for calling Geek Squad repair, current wait time is 18 minutes.

 18 Minutes




Lucky me! It was only 15 minutes. Nice lady basically told me nothing has been done with the laptop since they ordered parts for it on the 23rd of last month and that she can do nothing and that I need to call the store I turned it into tomorrow morning.






So I am pleading with the Geek gods here. If anyone knows of a better protections plan for tech please let me know at


Update: Finally got the computer back after a few more calls. It seems like for three weeks they did nothing… alas, got it back on the 20th of June. Good job with it though!

June 5, 2014
by LittleGeeky

The Burning Times : on Vaccination (part 4)


Alternative perspective suffers from two major obstacles: practitioners and investors. The practitioner is an obstacle without fault (though no less problematic for it). The practitioner is merely entrenched in his understanding and has often lost the cognitive capacity of observation to penetrate his own sphere of concept. Further, he is often victimized into playing the pawn for the second obstacle, the investor. The scientist wants to know what the truth is, and often comes to realize that such is dependent, often changing, and ever moving … so he chases. The practitioner wants to know what to do, and often becomes very good at doing what seemed right at a certain point in time, and so he sits and hardens. The investor wants to be seen as right, he wants to be credited and subsequently paid. He cares not for actual truth, so long as those he exploits remain amenable to preserving the flow of resource in his direction. This malice often corrupts the former two groups; the practitioner becomes a fortification for the investor to hide behind, and the “scientist” more interested in fame than discovery becomes a socially credible (though truthfully fallacious) mouthpiece with which to shape the social terrain. In this the investor devises his defenses as well as his weapons, and his enemy is the public. So he divides, and he conquers.


The practice of excessive attribution is by far one of the most damaging things we do the the social intellect. Not only does it allow us to assert credit for our “own ideas” even though not one thing you have ever thought wasn’t either a direct reflection or an amalgamation of concepts that WE HAVE RECEIVED from our experiences; which by itself isn’t problematic except when taken to an extreme where we refuse to share the credit with anything or anyone at all. The same malpractice is seen in execution and exemplified by many “rights”-focused capitalists’ assertion that their success is solely attributed to themselves and in no way reflective of the nation of people whose collective efforts created the operations space (in the form of towns), simplified means of verbal and physical communications (in the form of roads and post), or sometimes even his own employees, without which the capitalist’s business plan would have been far less profitable, or viable. The twin poison of this trend is to blame everything on something or somebody instead of assessing the situation and working a solution… again, honesty is the victim as profit becomes the center of gravity which people choose to defend. (Here I’d delineate that honesty may differ from truth in actual form, but not in humble character… we cannot “tell the truth” because nobody can possess the absolute truth (see FATE), but we do honor to the truth by wanting to know it without abandoning it in favor of a personal preference upon discovery of adverse reality.) Yet the war of blame is but a smokescreen to keep the battlefield confused and without the coherent unity that is required to stage an effective resistance to the hailstorm of garbage foisted upon the citizenry by profit-hungry capitalist extremists. Industry is not rightfully to blame for creating something that people have a choice to adopt or not. However, when industry is paired with unchecked misinformation, fear, and access and attention shaping campaigns the social environment turns from a potential-fertile field of possibility for a “free” citizenry into a shaped, exploited, socially toxic stew of victims in which the most unscrupulous capitalist bathes with impunity. The notion of “let the buyer beware” is not inherently unjust, the leaf cannot be blamed for being defensively poisonous; but when contact with said leaf is forced, and recourse is eliminated (such as the inability to sue an industry when the consumption of its products become effectively involuntary) the situation becomes inherently predatory … what is sold as a playground becomes a meat processing facility.

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June 5, 2014
by LittleGeeky

The Burning Times : on Vaccination

“The contemporary Social Fabric is smoldering, climbing towards flashpoint in anticipation of the blaze to come.”

The Burning Times : on Vaccination


The following starts a contemplation on the “pressured” vaccination issue afoot in America today, as but a small exercise of applying an overall philosophy to one of today’s many contended issues.

05 MAY 2014

The problem with the whole thing is that the (potential) victims are arguing about the issues (some illusory, others not) while the orchestra tors sit back, collect a (massive) paycheck, and watch … the classic divide and conquer. In my witness, most of the anger towards non-vaccinators is based on an inflamed and exploited notion that they oppose anybody getting vaccines which is simply not true. What non-vaccinators are against is being forced to get something for which in their view the evidence presented is incomplete, biased, outdated in founding, or fallacious … which is accompanied by a further darkening specter when following the money and interest consistently sheds light on corporate and political agents profiting by both a “remedy” and the strife caused by the upset of its forcing. There is also anger at the notion that following such forced issue, there is no recourse to recompense, even should something like undeniable proof be possible and thus provided.



Force is not defined as merely immediate physical threat. Force is any measure of influence that causes one to capitulate against their will or better judgment to the will of another due to a combination of circumstantial and externally applied pressure … in fact the best strategy always takes an indirect approach that cloaks intention with plausible deniability, hides the true aim of an objective until it’s too late to do anything about it, or conceals attribution of an action by devising some form of anonymity. Soldiers can refuse vaccination. You can choose not to vaccinate your school child. But we do not live in a world of simplistic object interaction. Our decisions carry consequences and when other aspects of your life upon which you (or your dependents) depend are controlled by cohorts outside your influence at best, and by the opposition at worst, force is very much the appropriate characterization of the outcome’s cause. Any who doubt this basic principle should consult any victim of sexual harassment or human trafficking. Isolation of victims of indirect force is almost assured by a populace that is conditioned only to recognize direct actions and not dig too deep into analysis for fear of error and the unnaturally amplified backlash caused by a culture groomed to idolize the artificial notion of “fact”.

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June 5, 2014
by LittleGeeky
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The Burning Times : on Vaccination (part 5)


The answer is absolutely not to abolish all things criticized previously, for the opposite of an extreme is also an extreme and extremes wander ever away from truth. Rather, temperance is the best course for correction. Life flourishes where edges meet, intellectual and material center points. Stark opposition brings the illusion of balance to the untrained eye: a one-for-one representation. However the equal presence of opposites alone does not promote life, it merely creates voltage; the more stark the extremes, the greater the contrast, the greater the tension. Providence arises when opposite perspectives are adopted for the sake of more thorough intelligence, but the Center is what all “sides” are committed to defending… the very opposite of divide and conquer. It does no good to suggest that capitalism on the whole is wrong, for no one can be blamed for seeking meaning, amenity, and resource for oneself and one’s beloved… the error lies in extreme application, and ruthless method. The failure is not merely moral either… simple strategy seeks achievement of the immediate objective (personal gain), grand strategy considers the post-conflict impact of methods used and the environment in which success is expected to persist … method that undermines the endurance of success is not worth the victory it brings. Interestingly, an honest assessment of post-conflict success endurance always takes on a social consideration and ambition-moderation flavor. Militant success can only serve to open time and space for civil success; a lack of planning for the latter is a guarantee of failure. Capitalists who voluntarily temper own earnings in comparison to their employees, who give back to community and environment, whose honest purpose is to serve rather than to amass; these are a boon to any society … it is the ruthless who must be given no quarter. The same can be said of all positions of power such as political office holders.

All conflicts start and end in the mind and are most always won before the first arrow is loosed. A number of forces are at play in our culture that need readdressing in order to bring the wolf to his knees. There is a sadly pervasive assumption that one cannot possibly understand things outside the scope of his own profession. Not only does this limit people’s ambition to seek the breadth of knowledge that clears the battlefield of fog, it foments false animosity amongst those enveloped in it, especially towards those who jump the curb or climb the pole to get a better view. This is further perpetuated by the stove-piped reverence of “expertise”. While there is something significant to be said for the weight of experience, and one should certainly not fail to consider the counsel of the battle-tested, we go wrong when we allow a respectful consult of those with experience to turn into a poisoning of self-esteem; the idolatry of expertise leads to a natural doubtfulness in one’s own ability to develop such skills. Fortunately in this age, the damaging effects of this influence are slowly  being eroded by the wealth of internet tutorial demonstrations of skill. The point however expounds the urgency with which internet communications must remain open, lest they fall to the predatory division and conquering actions of those who would leverage policy to their own benefit; for all order is predicated upon a strength and consistency of communication.

In truth, all knowledge is an artifice of language… if you can learn a language you can learn a paradigm; and what many I suspect would find surprising is that when you take an honest approach, study widely and deeply, and will to challenge all assumptions, one sees that the basic structure of all knowledge is fairly resonant … you can study particles and gain insight into people, and vice verse. Humility is a lost and critical art. People try so hard to be right instead of trying to be honest; we are entrenched in the notion that all resource (including basic life sustainment) flows according to credit rather than need. Flexibility in posture is the key to maintaining logical viability just as it is to maintaining physical viability on the battlefield; many wars have turned on obstinacy. In the end, “Evil contains the seed of its own destruction.” Logically put, the organization that depends upon falsehood for continued existence must constantly exert force to persist. In time energy is expended, reach is overstretched, strength is drained, and the order becomes unsustainable. In the face of such capital exploitation, the fastest way to defeat the wolf and sustain as few casualties as possible is to remain calm, use one’s own eyes, develop self-sustainability where possible (there is no sharper evidence of an industry’s desperation for input than its appeal to forbid people from doing things themselves), and work to stop feeding the beast… develop the ears to hear.

“Nullius in Verba”, motto of The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge

Roughly translated : “Don’t take anyone’s word for it” … or “See for yourself.”

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June 5, 2014
by LittleGeeky
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The Burning Times : on Vaccination (part 2)


To my knowledge all medical practice today, to include studies of all sorts, are based upon an out-dated model of the physical world. Most scientific disciplines are hamstrung in practicable accuracy by the adoption of conventions of convenience. For example, we say that pi=3.14 …. which is not true. Yet the longer we drag out the equation, the further we get from accomplishing our end-state. In fact, by some peoples’ belief that pi is never ending, calculating pi to its end would lock us up functionally forever. There is benefit to this approximation in getting objectives accomplished, but it is still technically an art of rounding and a fundamental truth of judgment is that you cannot assess how what you don’t know (because you didn’t look or otherwise) affects the accuracy of what you think you know, this truth is the nature of FATE. The habitual exercise of practitioners disposes them to becoming very good at what they do … and simultaneously inherently resistant to new interpretation, even to the extent that they become unable to comprehend how their skill, however honed, just doesn’t apply anymore, or reap the consequences that the previous generations’ conventions of convenience and low-resolution assessment of consequence data have led them to believe. If there is some school of medicine that teaches students about quantum mechanics, and discusses the discovery that cells appear designed to exploit quantum communications pathways as well as the (what would be extraordinarily wide-ranging) implications of how the body ACTUALLY works based on the new concept, I would love to know about it and would happily adjust my assessment.


Prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is demonstrable in math as well as strategy. It is much better to avoid a direct assault on fortified defenses… the odds are not in your favor. Consider how much investment is made by commerce in the marketing industry. It is much easier to play on peoples’ psychology and convince them that they need something that they don’t than to try to just force them to buy. Yes, marketing is expensive, but less so than extinction. Studies in personal influence constantly indicate that convincing the boss to enact your will is far more effectively achieved by getting him to believe it was his own idea. Conversely, no evidence in the world will turn the mind of someone set against it, no matter how true. In fact the whole social dialog is spoiled as an effective battlefield when all anybody does is cast evidence into an arena, the approach is far too direct and doomed to failure by all who try it. Ironically, though the opening saying seems to spring from the profession of health, the premise of vaccination acts completely contrary. The parts of the body responsible for preventing disease in the first place are bypassed completely and the illness is then left to ravage the ill-prepared internal structure of the body … hey, let’s train the forces by dropping paratroopers into the undefended headquarters… wait. Far better to engage in practices that actually strengthen the body’s natural defenses which have been developing for about 200,000 years longer than our human comprehension. I am humble enough to admit that I do not “know” if it works or not, but experienced and studied enough to quickly identify that the underlying premise is massively shaky… which is not helped by the fact that since time’s dawn there has never been a socially or environmentally conscientious capitalist… he wants “his” … not “ours”… and will hide behind all manner of shield of indignation to avoid critics (such as an appeal to “rights”). The idea of weakening the agent so that the body has a “fighting” chance is also fallacious … the body’s fighting chance has been entirely bypassed and the only thing left is for the body to endure. Further, only a fool believes that simple retardants are discriminatory. Preservatives retard biological activity … this does not stop just because it happens to be inside a body… nor does the action of supposed virus-crippling additives; their effects may be somewhat minimized depending on local chemical conditions, but mitigation itself requires a redirection and expenditure of resources that would otherwise have been used to enrich or energize the body structure.

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