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Our Van Full of Pokemon Trainers!



What a great way to spend a rainy sick day!

   Taking Down Pokemon Go Gyms

So you drive to a little town close by, see a GYM that is level 1, yellow, and the kids are eager to take it over. Husband parks not far from a man in a truck, clearly playing. We take the GYM quick and smile and wave at the gentleman. Thinking we are good to go because his stuff is low level and there are 3 of us holding the GYM, we think about leaving soon after the pokestop there refreshes. Only another car pulls up next to us, a young couple. They wave. We hope beyond hope they are blue too…. one by one our pokemon in the GYM fall and then the GYM is grey! One of my kids grabs it back quick and the rest of us fill the GYM yet again. The couple next to us are grumbling, you can see it. This sets our van alight with laughter. Sneaky us. This keeps happening, they finally take down our GYM and we sneak in and snatch it back. At one point I was laughing so much it hurt. My husband was reading a programming book I think pretending not to notice his evil family. 4 kids bouncing off the walls of the van with glee over their success at holding this Gym. It was a loud and very fun affair! 


Another car pulls in, they try and take us down, fail. This makes us giggle more, specially our 6 year old. She doesn’t even have a cell phone but she knows Pokemon and is all about making sure we do it right! This is helpful as I have no idea what pokemon are good at fighting what other kinds of pokemon! That second car isn’t leaving though…. my GYM darn it. Then we notice the first guy get out of his truck and pop the hood. Husband gets out to see if he can help the guy. He tells him the truck over heats often and he just has to let it cool, and he lives right in the neighborhood. This means he has a lot of free time to battle our gym with his low level team yellow pokemon. You can tell he is more calm about life all together. LOL Satisfied all is ok, husband comes back to us.

  Not a great idea to put a Lure near your GYM!

That second car is still trying to take us down though…. So I set down a Lure at the pokestop, a sign we are staying here to protect this GYM. This however was my down fall. You know what happens next right?

One by one more cars show up! The kids and I freak a bit hoping that they are team Mystic too. No. Such. Luck! The second car pulls away at least. I think they have left, but alas, they park behind us out of my sight, and wait. for 45 minutes we hold the GYM from them and others and then it happens….. too many people on the red team. My car full of Pokemon trainers cries out as one by one we each run out of revives and healing potions. We are well and truly defeated and our bags and egos are now empty. So off we sulk, back to patrol our own small town for pokestops to live and battle another day. It was a great way to spend a stormy afternoon with us all feeling rather under the weather as it is. Not sure all the laughing helped our soar throats but it was fun while it lasted!

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