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Nintendo Switch Download Game Review “I and Me”

If you are looking for a beautiful game that wants to be a zen puzzle game, but makes you nuts, this is it! A great, and cheap, Nintendo Switch download game! Thanks for taking a minute to check out our video game review!


This not so little geeky family finally, FINALLY, got a Nintendo Switch. We didn’t even get it on sale. It was a panic purchase to be honest as our son’s wish list for his 12th birthday is rather slim, and has Switch games on it as the majority of his new interests. Having just a Wii U, this obviously meant we had to upgrade! Being a big family means we don’t tend to get big game systems anymore for individuals but rather as family gifts. So we purchased a Switch and opened it as a family a few days before our sons Birthday. In this way, it would be a family gift and would also spark excitement and interest from the other 4 children in the house! Hopefully this means they will have controllers and other games on their Christmas lists too! (Bloody hell are the controllers costly!)

Not wanting to get a family game that might be requested as a Christmas gift meant I had to find a game they might not find and put on their list. “I and Me” fit the bill. You see the Switch comes with one controller (that can be split in two for some games) but as we don’t have enough controllers yet for the 6 of us gamers, I picked a single player puzzle game and went back to my roots for how to make this work. Taking turns! I know, a crazy idea in this modern world. It worked!

 “I and Me” is a cheap and beautiful Nintendo Switch Download game!

cheap good nintendo switch download game

You see we have children who love Ghibli and the style of this game looks a lot like that style. The kitty cats in it look like Jiji had babies with soot sprites too! Just so adorable! The music is relaxing and the nature sounds are too. It all pulls you in and then…. the crazy!

Perhaps the game is more peaceful when played alone? With our house rules the 6 of us took turns youngest to oldest and around and around the controller went. When you die, you give it up to the next person. We laughed so much we cried sometimes. I think we made things far more silly than they actually are intended to be. We cheering one another on and cheered when someone made the level for us all. Together we finished 25 levels that first late night before a few of us had to break off for things like sleep!

The levels start very simply and get harder as you go along as different elements are added. Simply put though, you are 2 cats and move as one. You go left, both cats go left, you jump and both cats jump. You have to figure things out by being very spatially aware!

Here are 2 video clips of the chaos of us playing this game the first time. (Excuse the small TV, we broke the large one when we moved, also excuse any towers of moving boxes you may see! Getting to both these issues shortly before the geeklings revolt over the tiny TV torture!)


As I type this, it is night 2 with this game and again we find ourselves as a puppy pile of geek in the living room among the still mostly unpacked moving boxes. We are on Part 3 map 10 and still loving it! Will update when we manage to beat it!


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