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Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 for girls too!
Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 for girls too!

New Sensory Toys for kids who don’t like Messy Hands and those that do! – Zorbeez

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 for girls too!

Zorbeez, the new Orbeez, are squishy messy sensory fun and torture too!


Zorbeez is a fun new toy that many kids will love! Zorbeez though will also I can imagine bring some Moms and Kids a bit of anxiety. Why? Well without getting into┬áSensory Processing Disorder, some people have issues with messy things! In our case we have a mixed bag of children with sensory sensitivities and needs. While Zorbeez can be said to be marketed towards boys, we know that toys don’t tend to be played with genitalia so it was a no brainer to let our girls play with Zorbeez. Our 7 year old daughter is in love with these on an epic level! She gets so much satisfaction from touching Orbeez and squishing them and playing with the gooey pieces. I, being someone “allergic” to crumbs twitch over the notion of Zorbeez all over the house. The solution though was rather simple. Bins!

Bins keep Zorbeez from being a mess all over the house!

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017

Seriously the company should just come out with a good big Zorbees bin that is shallow with a great top and matching colors! As I don’t see that happening any time soon though, standard under the bed bins with shallow sides work wonderfully to contain the messy fun! My 9 and 7 year old daughters near daily ask to pull out the Zorbeez bin and play with these toys. We have cups with water in the bins and the orbeez seeds growing, this takes a few hours. When grown the kids use the tools and toys to crash these Zorbeez. The girls love the sensory sensation of touching these Orbeez. It meets a need they have. When their sensory needs are met, kids tend to function and behave better in other parts of their lives as well. I find this specially to be true with 2 of my girls.

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 and black cat!

My son on the other hand has different sensory needs and sensory aversions. One of the sensory issues is his hands being messy. While he has played with Orbeez before, he wasn’t one to squish them. With this line of new toys for 2017 the whole idea is to squish the Zorbeez. My son didn’t like touching them at all. He felt like he constantly needed to wash his hands and of course I let him. I also though encouraged him to play more and work through the sensory sensitivity. I didn’t push because you will never get me to be ok with crumbs in a bed no matter how many times I lay on them! However being brave is sometimes needed in life and knowing the career paths he wants to follow, I know being able to touch different textures will be needed.

He liked the Zorbeez toys and are glad we got them but they are not a daily toy for him and that is fine too! One thing is for sure, Zorbeez are loved by some of our kids and I great for all of them! (accept the toddler whom I don’t yet trust not to taste these! LOL)

Do you love Orbeez too? Do you have a sensory sensitivity too?

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