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Hatchimal vs Furby vs Fuzzy Wonderz



We wanted to gather the information about these toys together to help other parents pick the best toys for their children. Please know this is a blind comparison as while my little geeklings have many Furby toys from the past, they will not open the new Furby Connect till Christmas. They do have a Hatchimal though and we expect to be getting a Fuzzy Wonderz this week and will tell everyone about those ASAP.

Most of us have heard of Hatchimals, the newest and hardest to get toy of 2016. Everyone knows about the Furby brand, not hard to get this year thankfully. There is a new toy out though most of us are clueless about, the Fuzzy Wonderz. We are still waiting to read reviews on this toy but for now, can go with what they advertise this toy as. It is available unlike Hatchimals so I thought it important to talk about.

Does this toy Hatch?

One of the things we have learned as parents is that kids love a mystery. We can tell because of how popular mystery boxes are on youtube and how much our kids love watching videos like that. It isn’t a shock that kids love things that hatch!

Hatchimal = YES

Fuzzy Wonderz = Yes (though again, no reviews yet so we don’t know just how they hatch!)

Furby Connect = NO

Does This Toy Talk:

Hatchimal = No (but it does make sounds)

Fuzzy Wonderz = Yes

Furby Connect = Yes (no longer is it just words we can’t understand but it actually speaks english!) 

Does this toy interact with an APP?

Hatchimal = NO

Fuzzy Wonderz = Yes (with sounds waves so you just need a compatible device with speakers!)

Furby Connect = Yes (these use bluetooth!) PLUS play time will be added as the APP and Furby is updated. This is new and exciting!

Does this toy interact with others of it’s kind for added play?

Hatchimal = No

Fuzzy Wonderz = No

Furby Connect = Yes! Like other versions, the Furby does interact with other Furby toys. I am not sure if they are backwards compatible. 

How much are these Toys and Can you find them easily?

Hatchimal = $50 (but near impossible to get, many third party sellers are selling for +$200 now)

Fuzzy Wonderz =  $59.99 and still some on their site for sale right now. 

Furby Connect = $99.99 (we got ours on Amazon for $62) Price is always changing though. Easy to get in stores!

So at first glance, it looks like the Fuzzy Wonderz is the best of both worlds, it hatches, and it has an app like a Furby for added play time. However as it seems no one has one yet, and the company is brand new, some consider the purchase a possible risk. Be brave and dive in and order your child a toy they might love even though it isn’t the very one they asked for, or pay a crazy amount of money for an over priced Hatchimal or go with the tried and true Furby Connect that doesn’t hatch when the hatching part this year is such a big deal?

The point though is we have choices!


Be sure to check out the reviews from all of these (when they come available for Fuzzy Wonderz of course). I was dismayed to read about dead hatchimals on Amazon, and ones that where made wrong and couldn’t hatch. Some kids are going to be very sad come Christmas day because of things like that. Sounds like though hatchimal customer service is quick to try and make things right! Hasbro has always been great about their Furby line, and are dependable. We don’t yet know much about Fuzzy Wonderz and how they will handle such issues. We have to wait and see!

What are your thoughts on these toys? Did you get one? 

(Seriously, if someone gets a Fuzzy Wonderz can you let us know?)

Update 12/2

There is a growing number of upset customers who have been blocked from the Fuzzy Wonderz Facebook page. They formed a group I was told about. To hear their side you can join them by clicking the image below.



  1. I am hoping the fuzzy wonders are real….but no matter how many times people post even positive thing on Facebook, Fuzzy Wonderz keeps taking our posts down. We were told when we called that the first actual shipment went out this past week and people would be receiving their FW toy over the weekend or on Monday or Tuesday. The problem is that people were promised the toy the weeks before then. Maybe FW are just backed up or maybe they started their website and were taking orders too early, before they actually got the product in hand. Even if that is the case, being honest with the public, especially on Facebook goes a long way. I want to believe they have them now because of the video that is up and the new pictures of the FW in different colored shells. I am an optimist at the holidays for all the kids out there looking for a cute new friend who hatches!

    • I know I head that the parent company isn’t new and sells other products so I would think whom ever is running their facebook page would know that things get worse for companies when they delete comments on their social media. I have those very same concerns you do but I am trying to be am optimist about it. We know the product is real, and I do think people will be getting them soon. We can hope right?

    • FUZZY WONDERZ ARE REAL!! I got two for my kids monday. You will have to be patient and possibly keep contacting the company until you get it. I ordered dec 5th and got it dec 19th. I too thought it was a scam and threatened to cancel my order and within a few days i got a shipping # and a few days later received my FW!

  2. We tried to order and it said $59.99 that was ok, so I checked out and it was declined thank the good Lord because the total was then $66,666.00 oh heck no. Thought it was a mess up so tried again and same thing.

  3. I feel so silly for falling for this scam. I usually check things out better, but being frustrated at not being able to find the real Hatchimals, I rushed into a fast purchase of this “Fuzzy Wonderz” scam. Every single post I follow from people online have been DELETED. I just hope my bank will be able to stop payment to these THIEVES.

    • I know a lot of us are holding our breaths waiting to see if anyone actually gets these. I don’t think it is right that comments on their social media are being deleted. We are not certain it is a scam yet, really holding out hope!

  4. Please check out this Facebook page:
    This company is a huge scam!! I ordered three never got them and time after time they promised me the following day they’d send be tracking info, never to appear. I’ve now requested a refund and was promised it would be here today nope never appeared! I’ve been on hold with h them today twice over an hour each time only to finally be disconnected before a human answered my call. I was also promised a phone call by 11:50 EST on Monday of this week, surprise no call!!!

  5. My husband ordered 3 Fuzzy Wonders for our children and has not received a tracking number or email or any of the Fuzzy Wonders. Sadly our children have only asked for a Hatchimal from Santa. We should have bought them back in September. Now we are out $180.00 and will have 3 disappointed kiddos on Christmas morning.

    • If this Fuzzy Wonderz thing isn’t actually going to work out I would recommend Furby. The Hatchimal gets no attention at this point and just sits on the shelf. If you have tablets, I think the apps with Furby would get a lot more play time, plus, the furbies interact with one another. I believe the different colors have different personalities. At this point, I am starting to lose hope as well on the Fuzzy Wonderz.

  6. I ordered one of these on November 25. Web site says “Free 2 day Shipping” I have heard nothing from the company. I think I’m just going to call my credit card company and put a stop to the payment.

    • If nothing else we know that the free 2 day shipping is a lie. They know it isn’t going to happen, and have not fixed their site to warn potential customers. :(

  7. I ordered a fuzzy wonderz on 11/24/16…I did receive an email with order confirmation. Still waiting to see if it ever shows up..

  8. I ordered the double pack for little boys. My two little boys have special needs and of course they wanted a Hatchanimal, which I could not afford. I seen Fuzzy Wonderz advertisement on and thought perfect!! It does hatch from an egg and looks cool. My boys seen them and have asked Santa each for one. I emailed them because on the screen when I ordered them they said two day shipping and if you ordered now you are guaranteed that your order will be at your home before Christmas. All this talk about this company being a scam has me worried. I just at this moment received my first email from them telling me how sorry they are and my order will ship this weekend and I will get tracking information. So we shall see…. Disappointing two special needs children for Christmas when this is what they wanted the most, is not an option, and I truly hope to God does not happen.

  9. So I ordered 1fuzzy Wonderz on thanksgiving day! Today is the first I’ve heard on it, got a tracking number n all from UPS, deliver is set for Monday!! I’ll let y’all know!! Thanks!

    • Did it come in yet? I ordered it bc I refuse to overpay for a hatchimal. But I still paid $59.99. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

  10. I ordered 3 Fuzzy Wonders–waited a couple weeks–began to think I wouldn’t receive them–checked my credit card and it had been charged–called the company and they thanked me for being so patient and gave me a delivery date. I just received all three!! So, call them and check your credit card! My grandkids will be thrilled. All their friends want them!

  11. We received our fuzzy wonders today! I ordered 3, over a month ago, and they just made it! Kids have already hatched them and i’m regretting it already! Not because of the quality of it, by no means, just the fact that we now have 3 littles with 3 fuzzy wonders teaching and talking AT THE SAME TIME!!

  12. I got my fuzzy wonder 2 days after i ordered it.

  13. I got my fuzzy wonder 2 days after i ordered it. I was able track it from China to Anchorage to Ontario Ca then it was delivered yesterday. It took 2 days. Its a legit company