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Geeky Mommy Writing:


When you share an amazing heart spilling over comic like this one on your facebook page and someone says they don’t get it, it is like being stabbed in the heart. This, this, this! This is part of the reason Firefly failed! The network didn’t promote it and they aired it all out of order and they didn’t give it a chance!

Firefly Fans

If you hadn’t guessed, my husband and I are big firefly fans! Not only are our two dogs (with smallish droppings) named Simon and Kaylee, we even named one of our children Zoey.

I think the name Zoey was my husbands petty attempt to get at least one of his crew to take orders! LOL It by the way didn’t work. We would have been better going with River, on her violent days, with no safe word. How did we end up with a kid that hits so much when we don’t even spank. (We are geeks, we do the research, it isn’t advised people!) Geeky Dad reminds me that chances are this is just a phase she is in and will grow out of it. I need said reminder often!


(A Sleepy Geekling playing with Dads Hat!)

I don’t think our younger children are yet ready for the Shiny understanding of Firefly but our oldest daughter knows it when she sees it! (heart swoon)

If it wasn’t for my Fibro, a painful chronic condition, I would have a firefly tattoo because truly the joy from that show adds to our lives. Firefly the show is a bit like great mythology I think! Entertaining and sometimes deep with some amazing characters!

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