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snapchat parenting danger update

As if Moms didn’t have enough reason to hate Snapchat…



snapchat parenting danger update


Most parents I know don’t allow their kids to use Snapchat, and for good reason in my opinion! Are there Dangers to Snapchat? Lets see…. because videos go away are a time people seem to be pushing the limits in my experience. These “live videos and snaps” can sometimes make kids not think their actions through. One teenager I know got so bold as to do something illegal behind her work place forgetting she had friends on the app who worked there too, and she got fired. Of course her poor judgement on social media is really not the biggest issue in that situation.

The app is sometimes known as the sexting app! Again, the idea you can do something and it goes away… but not always! People can capture and save videos! This can put teens thinking their intimate┬ámoments will stay private in a bad spot.

If you are a #unicornmom and in those groups than you know that any post that starts with “I got on his snapchat” never ends well! Sometimes they end with the police and hand cuffs and bail money actually!

Another issue is of course cyber bullies! Kids can be targeted on the app and while they are dealing with the situation, they don’t save it. Getting evidence from this platform isn’t easy.

Then of course comes the issue with predators looking for easy victims…. abductions have happened sadly.

That is the big thing that has me worried right now. The new update Snapchat Maps tells your friends where you are. It tells anyone on their friends list WHERE YOUR CHILD IS LOCATED. It is worse… if they post publicly then anyone can know where they are and what they are doing! If the child snaps, others know what they look like and what they are doing and who knows what other details that can be used against them.

Snapmap will let you go Ghost Mode so people can’t see your location. It asks the first time you open it. Will most kids though choose to share with friends or Ghost? Of course now that you know the situation you can go in and change it for them. But they could just change it back….

In the end, I feel like this app is more for grown adults than teens. The trends are saying otherwise though! As parents we need to stay on top of social media, not because we don’t trust our children, but because the deck is stacked against them as is and the world is sometimes a very unkind place!

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