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A little Geeky is a new blog with the mission of helping other geeky parents not feel so alone! Lets face it, we are a bit weird and our kids tend to be way cooler than we are! Even if we are blessed with little geeklings, there are a world of issues that can come up. Like how do you deal with having 6 gamers and the new Wii U MarioKart 8 only plays 4 at a time? Do your kids get all the new tech making you appear to be some consumerist prick with no sense of social responsibility? (Leave it to friends to come up with smart ass judgements just because their special snowflakes have never seen a TV in their own house!) So as you can see, we face some interesting challenges. We though do not have to face them alone. Let us use the for force for good and a little bit of smartassery as well!


Who Are We?



5029_100300147108_194427_nGeeky Dad РA 30 something year old Warrant Officer in the Army. More a philosopher than a point and shoot kind of guy. He likes wars of intelligence and has found the world lacks enough super hero jobs.  (Written by Geeky Mommy!)

582071_10151730157482109_2103133891_nGeeky Mom РBooks, Video Games, Board Games, Documentaries, and more than a little Doctor Who and Firefly and I am a happy girl! Ok, so very fast internet is a requirement, and I might live off dark chocolate. Very happily married all these years. Ran away with my knight and got married at 18 and started our very own gaming party soon after.

1452093_10151673883737109_185669345_nGeeky Teen — She is almost 15 and amazing. She has better fashion sense than her parents. Flinches when we call her a geek, and she likes all the best kinds of vampires. She is funny and helpful, except when she is competitive, and then she just is funny as she speeds past you!

10253812_10152032860782109_1438745908717633377_nGeekling Son — All things Minecraft! Sweet boy who is also nicknamed Mr. Handsome and Mr. Obvious. He loves to tell everyone what they already know, he strives to be helpful and it is adorable. He loves technology and is quick at learning it too. He is very grounded in reality and science and yet still tries to believe in Santa simply because he wants to believe everything his parents tell him.

10363501_10152038201047109_6161306116268374135_nGeekling Daughter — She is the mighty killer of Laptops. She is 6 and while quiet, she is like a little forest creature. Sweet and beautiful one minute and fangs and pouncing the next. She has little patience with technology that doesn’t respond as it should. We are teaching her to be gentle with things but we might have better luck with we wrap her laptop and tech in fur. She has a way with animals that is very special.

1618305_10151838625987109_453255794_oGeekling Over Lord — This is the 4 year old daughter who is as small as toadette but seems to be a spawn of godzilla. Nothing gets in her way and everyone sees and hears her coming! She started reading when she was 3 due in no part to great parenting what so ever. We blame the iPad! Keeping up with her will be an adventure! Do not let the cute fool you!

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  1. what a wonderful family you have :)

  2. I can completely relate to the Minecraft kids, as my two boys are highly addicted. Well…my oldest a little more. It’s definitely good to encourage our kids different strengths and personalities. Fun to watch them grow up for sure.

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