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cheap good nintendo switch download game

November 16, 2017
by BookGoddess
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Nintendo Switch Download Game Review “I and Me”

If you are looking for a beautiful game that wants to be a zen puzzle game, but makes you nuts, this is it! A great, and cheap, Nintendo Switch download game! Thanks for taking a minute to check out our video game review!


This not so little geeky family finally, FINALLY, got a Nintendo Switch. We didn’t even get it on sale. It was a panic purchase to be honest as our son’s wish list for his 12th birthday is rather slim, and has Switch games on it as the majority of his new interests. Having just a Wii U, this obviously meant we had to upgrade! Being a big family means we don’t tend to get big game systems anymore for individuals but rather as family gifts. So we purchased a Switch and opened it as a family a few days before our sons Birthday. In this way, it would be a family gift and would also spark excitement and interest from the other 4 children in the house! Hopefully this means they will have controllers and other games on their Christmas lists too! (Bloody hell are the controllers costly!)

Not wanting to get a family game that might be requested as a Christmas gift meant I had to find a game they might not find and put on their list. “I and Me” fit the bill. You see the Switch comes with one controller (that can be split in two for some games) but as we don’t have enough controllers yet for the 6 of us gamers, I picked a single player puzzle game and went back to my roots for how to make this work. Taking turns! I know, a crazy idea in this modern world. It worked!

 “I and Me” is a cheap and beautiful Nintendo Switch Download game!

cheap good nintendo switch download game

You see we have children who love Ghibli and the style of this game looks a lot like that style. The kitty cats in it look like Jiji had babies with soot sprites too! Just so adorable! The music is relaxing and the nature sounds are too. It all pulls you in and then…. the crazy!

Perhaps the game is more peaceful when played alone? With our house rules the 6 of us took turns youngest to oldest and around and around the controller went. When you die, you give it up to the next person. We laughed so much we cried sometimes. I think we made things far more silly than they actually are intended to be. We cheering one another on and cheered when someone made the level for us all. Together we finished 25 levels that first late night before a few of us had to break off for things like sleep!

The levels start very simply and get harder as you go along as different elements are added. Simply put though, you are 2 cats and move as one. You go left, both cats go left, you jump and both cats jump. You have to figure things out by being very spatially aware!

Here are 2 video clips of the chaos of us playing this game the first time. (Excuse the small TV, we broke the large one when we moved, also excuse any towers of moving boxes you may see! Getting to both these issues shortly before the geeklings revolt over the tiny TV torture!)


As I type this, it is night 2 with this game and again we find ourselves as a puppy pile of geek in the living room among the still mostly unpacked moving boxes. We are on Part 3 map 10 and still loving it! Will update when we manage to beat it!


  What video game should we review next? 

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 for girls too!

September 9, 2017
by BookGoddess
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New Sensory Toys for kids who don’t like Messy Hands and those that do! – Zorbeez

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 for girls too!

Zorbeez, the new Orbeez, are squishy messy sensory fun and torture too!


Zorbeez is a fun new toy that many kids will love! Zorbeez though will also I can imagine bring some Moms and Kids a bit of anxiety. Why? Well without getting into Sensory Processing Disorder, some people have issues with messy things! In our case we have a mixed bag of children with sensory sensitivities and needs. While Zorbeez can be said to be marketed towards boys, we know that toys don’t tend to be played with genitalia so it was a no brainer to let our girls play with Zorbeez. Our 7 year old daughter is in love with these on an epic level! She gets so much satisfaction from touching Orbeez and squishing them and playing with the gooey pieces. I, being someone “allergic” to crumbs twitch over the notion of Zorbeez all over the house. The solution though was rather simple. Bins!

Bins keep Zorbeez from being a mess all over the house!

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017

Seriously the company should just come out with a good big Zorbees bin that is shallow with a great top and matching colors! As I don’t see that happening any time soon though, standard under the bed bins with shallow sides work wonderfully to contain the messy fun! My 9 and 7 year old daughters near daily ask to pull out the Zorbeez bin and play with these toys. We have cups with water in the bins and the orbeez seeds growing, this takes a few hours. When grown the kids use the tools and toys to crash these Zorbeez. The girls love the sensory sensation of touching these Orbeez. It meets a need they have. When their sensory needs are met, kids tend to function and behave better in other parts of their lives as well. I find this specially to be true with 2 of my girls.

Zorbeez Sensory Toy 2017 and black cat!

My son on the other hand has different sensory needs and sensory aversions. One of the sensory issues is his hands being messy. While he has played with Orbeez before, he wasn’t one to squish them. With this line of new toys for 2017 the whole idea is to squish the Zorbeez. My son didn’t like touching them at all. He felt like he constantly needed to wash his hands and of course I let him. I also though encouraged him to play more and work through the sensory sensitivity. I didn’t push because you will never get me to be ok with crumbs in a bed no matter how many times I lay on them! However being brave is sometimes needed in life and knowing the career paths he wants to follow, I know being able to touch different textures will be needed.

He liked the Zorbeez toys and are glad we got them but they are not a daily toy for him and that is fine too! One thing is for sure, Zorbeez are loved by some of our kids and I great for all of them! (accept the toddler whom I don’t yet trust not to taste these! LOL)

Do you love Orbeez too? Do you have a sensory sensitivity too?

snapchat parenting danger update

June 25, 2017
by BookGoddess
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As if Moms didn’t have enough reason to hate Snapchat…



snapchat parenting danger update


Most parents I know don’t allow their kids to use Snapchat, and for good reason in my opinion! Are there Dangers to Snapchat? Lets see…. because videos go away are a time people seem to be pushing the limits in my experience. These “live videos and snaps” can sometimes make kids not think their actions through. One teenager I know got so bold as to do something illegal behind her work place forgetting she had friends on the app who worked there too, and she got fired. Of course her poor judgement on social media is really not the biggest issue in that situation.

The app is sometimes known as the sexting app! Again, the idea you can do something and it goes away… but not always! People can capture and save videos! This can put teens thinking their intimate moments will stay private in a bad spot.

If you are a #unicornmom and in those groups than you know that any post that starts with “I got on his snapchat” never ends well! Sometimes they end with the police and hand cuffs and bail money actually!

Another issue is of course cyber bullies! Kids can be targeted on the app and while they are dealing with the situation, they don’t save it. Getting evidence from this platform isn’t easy.

Then of course comes the issue with predators looking for easy victims…. abductions have happened sadly.

That is the big thing that has me worried right now. The new update Snapchat Maps tells your friends where you are. It tells anyone on their friends list WHERE YOUR CHILD IS LOCATED. It is worse… if they post publicly then anyone can know where they are and what they are doing! If the child snaps, others know what they look like and what they are doing and who knows what other details that can be used against them.

Snapmap will let you go Ghost Mode so people can’t see your location. It asks the first time you open it. Will most kids though choose to share with friends or Ghost? Of course now that you know the situation you can go in and change it for them. But they could just change it back….

In the end, I feel like this app is more for grown adults than teens. The trends are saying otherwise though! As parents we need to stay on top of social media, not because we don’t trust our children, but because the deck is stacked against them as is and the world is sometimes a very unkind place!

May 4, 2017
by BookGoddess

5 Reasons you should take your Kids on a Rock Dig!

We all know we should be getting kids outside more, but just why should you take them on a rock dig? Here is why!

It is just a Bonus that the geeky kids who love Minecraft will love mining like this too!

Take Kids Rock Dig Get Kids Outside

  1. Vitamin D – Studies show kids today are not getting enough time outside, in part, due to screen time. Children are spending half as much time outdoors as they did 20 years ago. As we are a geeky family who loves screens this is a problem for us actually that we have to actively work on! Being outside is GOOD for your health, and good for your kids health too specially as they are growing. Being outside gives bodies the best Vitamin D and this is important as Vitamin D helps fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks. Rock digging gets you all outside and playing and getting your needed Vitamin D.

2. Getting to Play with Tools! – In todays society it seems like kids are getting to use real tools less and less. Rock Digging is a fantastic way to let kids play with hammers and pick axes and other tools. They can learn to use them the “right” way and learn to experiment and figure out what works best for them. Some of our kids like sledge hammers for breaking rocks, others like more precision with a chisel and hammer.

3. You’ll get more exercise – In a typical week, only 6% of children ages 9-13 play outside on their own. (Children & Nature Network, 2008) When kids are having fun, they love to move! When we as parents are having fun, we like to move too. As someone who honestly doesn’t like exercising just for the sake of moving, getting out in nature for activities like rock digging make me very happy. I get to focus on something fun, and get a really good workout in. At the rock dig we did at Graves Mountain in GA this Spring I found we were going up and down hills, walking, and spending a lot of energy moving rocks and breaking rocks looking for treasure!

4. BE HAPPY, BE SMART! Go on a Rock Dig because Children who play outside are more physically active, more creative in their play, less aggressive and show better concentration.(Burdette and Whitaker, 2005; Ginsburg et al., 2007) Being outside helps everyone be happier and preform better mentally.

5. Go on a Rock Dig to find Treasure! What child doesn’t like rocks? Who doesn’t like shiny beautiful stones? At the Graves Mountain Dig we went to people were finding Lazulite, Pyrophyllite, Rutile, Iridescent Hematite, and Quartz. Different areas have different gems and minerals you can find! People make money from digs like this! Others just add to their own collections! My geeky little kids are creating one heck of a fantastic mineral collection we all love!


NEXT: What things should you pack for your rock dig? 

Graves Mountain Dig get kids outside ideas supply list

Image Credit: Mark F. Gaskins Sr.

December 1, 2016
by BookGoddess
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Scam Alert: Don’t Pay With Amazon Gift Cards!



A scam works because people aren’t aware of them. This post is to help get the word out about the new scam a friend stumbled on a few weeks ago. My friend Deborah was trying to buy a Virtual Reality system for her son that was normally $700 but a 3rd party seller had the unit on sale for $500. She tried to buy it but the purchase was deleted by Amazon as “out of stock” shortly after the 3rd company contacted my friend and told her that due to people using credit cards and reversing the charges, commiting fruad, and Amazon not fixing the situation, that the 3rd party now only accepted Amazon Gift Cards as payment and sent her instructions on how and where to purchase the cards and how to get the 3rd party the card infomation to pay for the purchase.

Something didn’t seem right to Deboroh so she went to our little blogging group and asked if anyone had ever done this. Right away I went to google to search Amazon Gift Card Scam, and I didn’t find anything just like this situation though I was sure I would. I found some things a bit like it though and I sent her link and advised her to trust her gut, don’t do it. Others added their voices too, no one would do it. She knew that would be the response and did not continue comunicating with the company.

I finally saw an article about this issue and it is a much bigger problem than I thought.

The new scam Amazon won’t warn you about

You see I assumed that is Amazon was used in a scam that they would try to make it right somehow. I was wrong. By the reports in that article above, this is happening on their site and they are not doing anything beyond telling customers to simply call the police. For all that is worth. They even stop responding to victims and allowing those sellers to keep posting products to scam others. You can see the screen shots on that site.

Please, never pay for a product using Amazon Gift Cards. You will have no recourse if you get scammed!


Lastly, do you think that Amazon has gotten so big now that they just no longer care about customers? With the growing issues I have had with them personally I am getting that feeling! 


November 27, 2016
by BookGoddess

Hatchimal vs Furby vs Fuzzy Wonderz



We wanted to gather the information about these toys together to help other parents pick the best toys for their children. Please know this is a blind comparison as while my little geeklings have many Furby toys from the past, they will not open the new Furby Connect till Christmas. They do have a Hatchimal though and we expect to be getting a Fuzzy Wonderz this week and will tell everyone about those ASAP.

Most of us have heard of Hatchimals, the newest and hardest to get toy of 2016. Everyone knows about the Furby brand, not hard to get this year thankfully. There is a new toy out though most of us are clueless about, the Fuzzy Wonderz. We are still waiting to read reviews on this toy but for now, can go with what they advertise this toy as. It is available unlike Hatchimals so I thought it important to talk about.

Does this toy Hatch?

One of the things we have learned as parents is that kids love a mystery. We can tell because of how popular mystery boxes are on youtube and how much our kids love watching videos like that. It isn’t a shock that kids love things that hatch!

Hatchimal = YES

Fuzzy Wonderz = Yes (though again, no reviews yet so we don’t know just how they hatch!)

Furby Connect = NO

Does This Toy Talk:

Hatchimal = No (but it does make sounds)

Fuzzy Wonderz = Yes

Furby Connect = Yes (no longer is it just words we can’t understand but it actually speaks english!) 

Does this toy interact with an APP?

Hatchimal = NO

Fuzzy Wonderz = Yes (with sounds waves so you just need a compatible device with speakers!)

Furby Connect = Yes (these use bluetooth!) PLUS play time will be added as the APP and Furby is updated. This is new and exciting!

Does this toy interact with others of it’s kind for added play?

Hatchimal = No

Fuzzy Wonderz = No

Furby Connect = Yes! Like other versions, the Furby does interact with other Furby toys. I am not sure if they are backwards compatible. 

How much are these Toys and Can you find them easily?

Hatchimal = $50 (but near impossible to get, many third party sellers are selling for +$200 now)

Fuzzy Wonderz =  $59.99 and still some on their site for sale right now. 

Furby Connect = $99.99 (we got ours on Amazon for $62) Price is always changing though. Easy to get in stores!

So at first glance, it looks like the Fuzzy Wonderz is the best of both worlds, it hatches, and it has an app like a Furby for added play time. However as it seems no one has one yet, and the company is brand new, some consider the purchase a possible risk. Be brave and dive in and order your child a toy they might love even though it isn’t the very one they asked for, or pay a crazy amount of money for an over priced Hatchimal or go with the tried and true Furby Connect that doesn’t hatch when the hatching part this year is such a big deal?

The point though is we have choices!


Be sure to check out the reviews from all of these (when they come available for Fuzzy Wonderz of course). I was dismayed to read about dead hatchimals on Amazon, and ones that where made wrong and couldn’t hatch. Some kids are going to be very sad come Christmas day because of things like that. Sounds like though hatchimal customer service is quick to try and make things right! Hasbro has always been great about their Furby line, and are dependable. We don’t yet know much about Fuzzy Wonderz and how they will handle such issues. We have to wait and see!

What are your thoughts on these toys? Did you get one? 

(Seriously, if someone gets a Fuzzy Wonderz can you let us know?)

Update 12/2

There is a growing number of upset customers who have been blocked from the Fuzzy Wonderz Facebook page. They formed a group I was told about. To hear their side you can join them by clicking the image below.


August 2, 2016
by BookGoddess

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Giveaway – Is Your Child Ready?

Is My Child Ready For A Cell Phone Giveaway


This is a huge question now-a-days. There is the worry of when your kid is dropped off somewhere. If something happens at school can you get a hold of your child? What about the child having divorced parents and you want to get ahold of them? Let’s not forget peer pressure. Some how I managed my youth without a cell phone. We used house phones or payphones. But both are a thing of that past. Many households don’t even have landlines. There are questions to ask, to know if your child is ready for a cell phone. Sprint is there for parents to help tackle tough questions.

With the new world that includes Pokemon GO cell phones for kids is exploding! What kind of phone to get them, how much data, and how to keep the kids safe on them! For us we got our oldest daughter and our son cell phones at 10 years old. Right now the younger kids have and understanding that they have to wait till that age but things are changing and we might change with the times too! One of the factors for our oldest daughter getting her cell phone when she did was to keep track of her and it was a safety thing for us. For our son, it was more about the entertainment value for him. As technology changes, so must we. Apps can super educational on cell phones too!


Do your kids play Pokemon Go? If so be sure to click the image above to get some tips on playing Pokemon Go!

Average Age Of Kid With A Cell Phone.

When I read this I was shocked. If this is the average, what is the low age? 8? That means either you have to have a very responsible kid or make sure you have a customized phone to protect your kid. There are a lot of predators on social media. If you are in doubt take the Online Quiz Sprint offers to help parents make informed decisions. There is even a customized parent-child mobile contract to set parameters and agree upon rules and limits. 64 percent of kids already have internet access via personal tablets/laptops. According to Sprint 1 in 2 kids will have a social media account by age 12. I think in the last year that number is higher. So, when is your child ready for a cell phone?



Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. What will my child be using this phone for? Is it a want or a need?
  2. What rules do I want in the cell phone contract?
  3. What will happen if my child breaks the rules?
  4. Do I want my child to have full access to the internet or what restrictions am I setting up the phone with?
    Do I want my child to have social media? If yes, make sure you write all user names and passwords in the contract.
  5. Make sure to discuss what to do if cyber-bullying happens.

cell phone

Check out Sprint’s Kid’s First Phone website for expert advice, online quiz and other resources. Learn about all the social media sites out there and the cautions about each one.

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram (most tweens and teens have this).
  • Tumblr.
  • SnapChat (known for by sex offenders to search for children- my kids are not allowed to have it).
  • KIK.
  • Periscope.
  • Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn (mostly business networking for adults).
  • Google+
  • YouTube.
  • Vine.
  • Reddit (and Sub-Reddit groups).


There are new ones created all the time. Stay current with the latest social media and make sure you know which ones your kids are on.

Right now one lucky person will win a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. An awesome giveaway by Sprint. Winner must be of the age 18-years-old, or older and live in the Continental. U.S. To enter simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Giveaway

samsung galaxy note 5 This phone is unactivated but not unlocked with Sprint as the galaxy note 5


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: Mom Are We There Yet received this phone for a review and is hosting the giveaway. All opinions are 100% honest. All participating bloggers helping to host this giveaway and Mom Are We There Yet are not responsible for items lost in the mail or not shipped by the sponsor. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks.

July 17, 2016
by BookGoddess
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Our Van Full of Pokemon Trainers!



What a great way to spend a rainy sick day!

   Taking Down Pokemon Go Gyms

So you drive to a little town close by, see a GYM that is level 1, yellow, and the kids are eager to take it over. Husband parks not far from a man in a truck, clearly playing. We take the GYM quick and smile and wave at the gentleman. Thinking we are good to go because his stuff is low level and there are 3 of us holding the GYM, we think about leaving soon after the pokestop there refreshes. Only another car pulls up next to us, a young couple. They wave. We hope beyond hope they are blue too…. one by one our pokemon in the GYM fall and then the GYM is grey! One of my kids grabs it back quick and the rest of us fill the GYM yet again. The couple next to us are grumbling, you can see it. This sets our van alight with laughter. Sneaky us. This keeps happening, they finally take down our GYM and we sneak in and snatch it back. At one point I was laughing so much it hurt. My husband was reading a programming book I think pretending not to notice his evil family. 4 kids bouncing off the walls of the van with glee over their success at holding this Gym. It was a loud and very fun affair! 


Another car pulls in, they try and take us down, fail. This makes us giggle more, specially our 6 year old. She doesn’t even have a cell phone but she knows Pokemon and is all about making sure we do it right! This is helpful as I have no idea what pokemon are good at fighting what other kinds of pokemon! That second car isn’t leaving though…. my GYM darn it. Then we notice the first guy get out of his truck and pop the hood. Husband gets out to see if he can help the guy. He tells him the truck over heats often and he just has to let it cool, and he lives right in the neighborhood. This means he has a lot of free time to battle our gym with his low level team yellow pokemon. You can tell he is more calm about life all together. LOL Satisfied all is ok, husband comes back to us.

  Not a great idea to put a Lure near your GYM!

That second car is still trying to take us down though…. So I set down a Lure at the pokestop, a sign we are staying here to protect this GYM. This however was my down fall. You know what happens next right?

One by one more cars show up! The kids and I freak a bit hoping that they are team Mystic too. No. Such. Luck! The second car pulls away at least. I think they have left, but alas, they park behind us out of my sight, and wait. for 45 minutes we hold the GYM from them and others and then it happens….. too many people on the red team. My car full of Pokemon trainers cries out as one by one we each run out of revives and healing potions. We are well and truly defeated and our bags and egos are now empty. So off we sulk, back to patrol our own small town for pokestops to live and battle another day. It was a great way to spend a stormy afternoon with us all feeling rather under the weather as it is. Not sure all the laughing helped our soar throats but it was fun while it lasted!

July 10, 2016
by BookGoddess
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Pokemon Go Crazy! Don’t forget these 5 things!


If you haven’t been living under a rock then chances are you know that Pokemon GO came out a few short days ago! Already the craziness has set in with news of car crashes because of people playing Pokemon Go and driving, people getting fired, and even a girl who found a dead body while hunting for water Pokemon! For all the bad though, there is a great deal of good and fun to be had. Just for the love of Pikachu, be the brilliant geek you are and don’t forget these 5 things ok!

This list was put together with all the little geekling kids in the house on our adventures so far! Your mileage may vary.

Bring a friend who isn’t playing Pokemon to walk with you!

The fact is you will be distracted and not able to pay attention to everything around you. Having another set of eyes can be really helpful, be it a parent or sibling or friend. Just someone who can help look out for you while you are looking out for little monsters! Our not so little family has been roaming the town as a pack and looking out for our cell phone mesmerized trainers. You can take turns!

Your Pokemon Go Adventure Needs a Backpack for supplies! 

Trust us, things happens and suddenly you can’t find anything you need. Bring a back pack and pack it with supplies! What supplies you ask? That is what the rest of our list is about! You can find this one on Amazon!


Bring WATER on your Pokemon Go walk!

Even if you think you will just be gone a short while, bring it anyway. Here in Georgia we are hitting 110 heat index and going through a lot of water! This is so important!


Bring Snacks on your Pokemon Go Adventure!

Walking makes you hungry! This one is obvious too and yet we have found ourselves having to go shopping or return home from walking and that takes time away from hunting Pokemon! Plus, if you meet other Trainers what better way to bond then to offer then something yummy!


Get a Battery Bank Back Up for your Pokemon Go adventure, because your cell phone might really die!

Our 16 year old was quick to think of this needed item when she learned how quick her battery died while playing. This is a known issue for many and for now the best solution we have is to bring a battery back up. They are not costly and easy to get! We get ours for cheap on Amazon. This isn’t just a game consideration but a safety one! They work with all kinds of phones, just plug your normal UBS cable into it and now you have a lot more power for your cell phone when it runs low! Cheep on Amazon too!



Funny Happenings in the Pokemon Go World!





Funny Pokemon Go



June 19, 2016
by BookGoddess

Risks of Binge Watching Season 4 Orange Is The New Black




Like many crazy fans of Orange Is the New Black I planned on Binge watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix Friday July 17th. I invited another Mommy friend over, got snacks for us and snacks for the kids. We set the kids up to watch all 4 Ice Age movies too! With 7 kids running around this was an important move and for the most part it worked, the kids watched and took play breaks and over all it was a great day for them!

For us though….


   The curse of unhealthy snacks when Binge Watching TV

First, when one plans to binge watch a show it is common they set themselves up with the worst unhealthy snacks. Goodness did I do this, from strawberry cheese cake, cheese puffs (because they are orange of course!), and many other things including Dr Pepper! Killing a diet is certainly a risk of Binge watching any show! Do better than I did. Ok, so it was fun! :)

     Plan for emotional ups and downs!

Second risk: Suddenly feeling sick…. so you put all this food into yourself and suddenly something gross and disturbing happens in the show. This happened a few times this season, specially at the end. You have been warned!

       You know your heart will break over Orange Is The New Black Season 4

Third issue is the roller coaster effect! Sure you are excited to watch and you love the characters and it is exciting to see new back stories. The ups and downs though, and trust me, so many dark dark downs in this season. Unlike other shows when you have a week to digest the story line when you marathon #OITNB you don’t have time to digest. It is very quickly overwhelming. While I have binged other seasons and other shows this one hit very hard and made me dizzy. Take breaks! Force yourself to do some other things. I didn’t and I wish I had. If your reading this on July 18th and have already Binged then chances are you know what I am talking about!

        All the Feels!

The forth issue is show shock! After your done watching the season you will be left with so many emotions. This was specially unhelpful when I was trying to sleep. I should have ended my night on say Episode 10 and picked up the next day. I didn’t though… By the time I finished about 2am I found I couldn’t sleep and little helped. I was up till 6am! Plan for some detox from the emotional mess you will be in! Maybe some Disney or a good walk or some Target shopping! Course some things are harder to plan for if you finish the season in the middle of the night. Oh the torture I tell you! Have tissues!


Lastly, resist the urge to spill your guts all over social media. No one likes spoilers on shows they haven’t seen yet. It will be very hard to do considering the ending of this season! It was hard not sharing spoilers in this review!


  Review of Orange Is The New Black without spoilers!

This season is fantastic! I think there were some slow spots but it could be a side effect of Binge watching. I hope to watch it all again slowly in a few weeks. I love that the season wasn’t just focused around 2 characters but really brought out the reality of bad situations people get themselves into and what brings them into the prison system. I think it high lights a lot of our current prison system failures as a society. It does focus a lot on race issues. I think as a military wife I was rather dismayed at the portrayal of Veterans. When you get to the “good guy” speech I think you might understand where I am coming from. Over all, it was powerful, thought provoking and I loved it. I think in part it might have been even better if I hadn’t been so good at Binge watching it as it would have allowed more time to think between episodes. It crushed me, but I loved it.

 Don’t miss these cool gifts for friends and family who love Orange Is The New Black


It should be noted that the song at the end of season 4 episode 1 was fantastic and the best of them all I think and really made me laugh! As with this whole show, make sure kids are not in the room!